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With prime gardening time quickly approaching on the East coast, it’s safe to say we have all things green on the brain! We have a deep appreciation and love of plants in our own space, I mean, have you seen our office? However, nothing is as satisfying as getting outside and doing some planting. Whether you don’t have your own outdoor space or perhaps you aren’t the best at catering to a plant’s needs—community gardens are a great resource to meet fellow gardeners! Grab your own plot in the garden or learn from others in your neighborhood, either way get outside and participate! We went ahead and rounded up some of our favorite community gardens on Instagram to inspire you to get out there and join the rest of your neighborhood this season!

Denver Urban Gardens

There may be snow on the ground, but our seedlings have us excited for spring!

A photo posted by Denver Urban Gardens (@denverurbangardens) on

Since forming in 1985, Denver Urban Gardens has come to operate 145 community gardens in the metro Denver area including 40 school-based gardens! The original goal of D.U.G. was to produce sustainable sources of food for individual communities, and today they have grown to be so much more than that. Current day they take pride in their youth education and community training programs that have been able to provide positive change in both the health of communities and also food security. You’ll want to follow this pretty amazing organization.

Wasatch Community Garden

Over in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Wasatch Community Garden encourages people of all ages to participate in community gardening. This organization has been around since 1989 because their strong belief in the idea that the quality of a community is directly related to the quality of the food it’s provides. From their community garden to their community education programs- the message is always to feel empowered by growing, harvesting, preserving and preparing healthy food right in your neighborhood.

Worcester Street Community Garden

The enthusiasm from this community of gardeners in Boston is why 100 plots at Worcester Street Community Garden are so perfectly maintained for the use of city residents! Individuals and families that live in Boston have the opportunity to apply for an individual plot so that they can have the ability of growing their own produce even though they are living in a major city.

Smiling Hogshead Ranch

A pretty stunning visitor today. #monarchbutterfly

A photo posted by Smiling Hogshead Ranch (@smilinghogsheadranch) on

Located in Long Island City, New York is the Smiling Hogshead Ranch. Their main goals are sustaining “regeneration of strong urban ecology and building cohesive community through fun, outdoor interaction.” Beyond this they also host a variety of different activities including cooking classes, meditation, and garden tours. Oh, did we mention they’re also a compost center?

Los Angeles Community Garden Center

Mini and mighty Manzanita Street Community Garden

A photo posted by LA Community Garden Council (@lagardencouncil) on

The Los Angeles Community Garden Center partners with 40 community gardens in the South California area to take care of the business side of the work that goes into these gardens. From traditional community gardens where you can rent a plot of land to grow your own produce to educational gardens and even urban farms- all aspects of community gardening in LA is covered by this group. Check them out for guidance in these drought-ridden neighborhoods.

What community gardens are you a part of? Let us know in the comments so we can check them out!


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