Get Inspired — Architecture on Instagram


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Get Inspired — Architecture on Instagram


Necessity is the mother of innovation and there is no truer example of that saying than the origin of the #ilookup campaign. Introduced to Instagram by the American Institute of Architects, the hashtag encourages folks to look up and admire what human ingenuity and a passion for design can deliver. Thankfully because of Instagram, you can still enjoy all the beauty of urban architecture and modern engineering even if you’re not fortunate enough to see them in person. I’ve compiled ten accounts that perfectly encapsulate the #ilookup concept. Whether the image is of a traditional shrine, tiny house, or a towering skyscraper, we have the got all the architectural inspiration you can want. And when you’re done admiring online, remember to snap a few photos to celebrate the architecture in your own neighborhood.

Brutal Architecture

A photo posted by @brutal_architecture on

Maybe the most imposing of all forms of architecture, the Brutalist style, showcased by @brutal_architecture, is emphasized by massive and sometimes overwhelming buildings. This account manages to capture these notable buildings without losing their impressive magnitude.

Buildings of the Future

As the name suggests, Buildings of the Future posts both real and conceptual futuristic buildings. Find architecture that goes against everything that you believe is possible with concrete and steel.


A photo posted by mehrdad (@m1rasoulifard) on

A stark contrast to the prior Instagram, @m1rasoulifard captures the historic architecture found in 400-year-old Iranian shrines and mosques. Stunning tiled ceilings in dizzying pattern-work make this Instagram account one not to miss!

A Designer’s Mind

For the quintessential architectural designer’s vision board, follow @adesignermind. A Designer’s Mind combines both natural lived-in interior design with breathtaking architectural feats.

Minimal Look Up

One of the original #lookup accounts, @minimal_lookup boasts a great collection of minimalist architecture. This community-driven Instagram features several different minimalist architectural photographers daily.

Architecture of NYC

With Krrb’s headquarters based out of Brooklyn, we’re no stranger to the architecture of New York City which is why we love @architectureofnyc! This Instagram account edits together images of classic New York buildings with colorful backgrounds that wonderfully juxtaposes the industrial nature of these structures.

The Importance of Being Modernist

If you are a fan of contemporary Modernist architecture, look no further than @theimportanceofbeingmodernist. Featuring spectacularly taken photographs by Alex James Bruce, The Importance of Being Modernist offers up high-quality images of mid-century and brutalism designs.

Dezeen Mag

A photo posted by Dezeen (@dezeen) on

The award-winning architecture and design publication, Dezeen Magazine makes their mark on Instagram by sharing expertly thought-out interpretations of interior and exterior design. Follow @dezeen to stay up-to-date on groundbreaking designers and designs from around the world.

Lover of Buildings

A photo posted by Keith (@loverofbuildings) on

From the mind of a former architect and self-proclaimed nerd named Keith comes the Instagram account @loverofbuildings. As the name suggests, Keith focuses his admiration of architecture by capturing the quiet beauty of classic buildings in his hometown of Denver.

Remarkable Architecture

For those of you with a penchant for bad architecture and a bit of dry humor, check out @remarkablearchitecture. Touted as the “Ugly Architecture Field Guide”, this account shares images of homes in which the overall design was most definitely an afterthought.

What architecture Instagrams do you follow? Let us know in the comments so we can check them out!

  • Lauren Hannel

    The Importance of Being Modernist is one of my favorites! Definitely need to check out the others now too.