Get Energized — 5 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy


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As a person who more often chooses to sleep in than not, I’ve learned lots of tricks to help me out of bed and ready to start the day. Over the years, I’ve found that the right scents, sounds or tastes can transform a mood. Catering to these specific senses can put you in a whole different mindset within seconds and usually provide you with a boost of energy you need when sleep isn’t an option. Read on for the most energizing scents, sounds and tastes to revitalize you on your never-ending days.


Get Energized — Scents, Sounds, Tastes that Give You Energy

Just a whiff of this peppermint mango smoothie will pump you up. Photo:

If you’re notoriously tired, peppermint oil should always be on hand. Smelling peppermint not only invigorates your mood and helps focus your concentration, it also relieves migraines and built-up stress. Consider changing your toothpaste, lotion, chapstick and even foot scrub to peppermint-scented items to get the most of this smell.

Lather on the mint with this handmade peppermint soap from Brooklyn Soapworks.


Get Energized — Scents, Sounds, Tastes that Give You Energy

Steep your grogginess away. Photo:

A cup of Jasmine tea works well when you need a little pick-me-up because it increases alertness by increasing beta wave activity in the brain. It’s also been known to conjure up feelings of optimism, confidence, and energy. All that good stuff is just a cup of tea away!

Relax your anxiety away with this handcrafted jasmine soy candle from Soap and Paper Factory.

Classical Music

Get Energized — Scents, Sounds, Tastes that Give You Energy

Crank up some tunes! Photo:

Known to increase creativity and productivity, classical music works on an emotional level—helping you to remember your memories and focus your attention. Be sure to listen to some classical tunes that are high-energy, like Tchaikovsky’s 4th Symphony.

Jam out with some vintage classical scores from My Not So Private Sale.




The scent of limes, lemons, and grapefruits are proven to help promote concentration and focus while also calming any lingering anxiety. Slicing some citrus into a glass of water or cup of tea will help you conquer your morning daze even on sick days, by improving your circulation and giving your immune system that extra push it needs.

Get clean with the margarita salt lime scrub from Brooklyn Soapworks.


Get Energized — Scents, Sounds, Tastes that Give You Energy

Indulge some this energy booster! Photo:

Besides tasting fantastic, chocolate is touted as a mild stimulant. So ditch the java and go for a quality bar of dark chocolate. Plus you’ll get the added benefits of its natural memory and cardiovascular boosting properties.

Indulge with “The Fix” chocolate treat by Rescue Chocolate.

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