Garage Sale Fever — Sell Everything in the Month of August


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Let’s consider the garage sale as a noble act of community building. Setting your wares outside for sale somehow suggests trust and openness, bringing people together and cutting across social and economic boundaries. Sure, these are heady thoughts for what usually amounts to cast-offs sitting forlornly on concrete floors or front yards, but when cities like Detroit are declaring bankruptcy, garage sales are a good way to bring the economy back to the local level.

Garage sales are a win-win. The seller gets rid of what they no longer want and ends up with some cash as a result while the buyer gets what they need for pennies on the dollar. So what are you waiting for? The weather is right for (re)connecting with neighbors over secondhand toasters and television stands while sharing some lemonade or a beer. Whether you’re saving for a trip or trying to pay some bills, garage sales can bring in between $500 and $1000 in funds and reveal long lost treasures. Garage sales as the ultimate expression of content, community and commerce — now that’s an idea we can get behind!

Have a Garage Sale

During the month of August Krrb wants to celebrate garage sales! Make a bit of extra cash while cleaning out your home and hosting a garage, stoop or tag sale. Fill out the form to register your sale with Krrb, and we promise to help you make it a success through promotion, tips and even free Krrb credits!

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