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Put this coffee table on your reading list.

This coffee table is sure to be a bestseller.

The new year may have started in January but nothing has quite the sense of renewal like spring’s first bloom. Let’s start afresh with a good spring cleaning and new outlook on our surroundings. Every day through March 27, we’ll feature a Krrb corner with great furniture and decor to help freshen up your home. So why not sell everything and start again with these finds.

Take a peek into antique furniture company Sanford and Sven’s Secondhand and curiosity will get the best of you. Buy (or rent) childhood finds from yesteryear including antique playground equipment and early 1900s schooldesks. Owned by Sven Wechsler, Sanford and Sven’s specializes in the 1960’s and earlier. Whether you’re in the market for a dresser or a doctor’s scale, you’re sure to freshen up with a unique piece of history.

Get garden ready with a beautiful bench around your favorite tree.

Get your garden ready with a beautiful bench around a favorite tree.

Hi Sven! Finish this sentence: Spring cleaning inspires me to ____.
To go back to bed!

Ha! What’s your number one priority for this year’s spring cleaning?
Reorganize the back of my shop so I have more room to store overstocked antiques and furniture.

Oooh, can’t wait to see what else you’ll put on Krrb! Is there anything that you’ll never get rid of?
The 1910 Southern Comfort piggy bank that used to be my grandfather’s. It’s a hunter who shoots your coins into a bottle of SoCo. My grandfather was an ad rep for a liquor industry magazine.

An edited vinyl collection is sure to fit in this Lane bench with album storage.

An edited vinyl collection is sure to fit in this Lane bench with album storage.

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