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Dust off your bike and display it when you're not using it this spring.

Wipe down your bike and display it when you're not riding this spring.

The new year may have started in January but nothing has quite the sense of renewal like spring’s first bloom. Let’s start afresh with a good spring cleaning and new outlook on our surroundings. Every day through March 27, we’ll feature a Krrb corner with great furniture and decor to help freshen up your home. So why not sell everything and start again with these finds.

Look no further than Gowanus Furniture for handcrafted carpentry. Owned by Pete Raho, Gowanus Furniture offers artisan wood home decor with personal touches. Pete may be known for his cutting boards, but you’ll want to get your hands on his latest design: a bike rack to show off your wheels all season.

Dust off your crafting skills with a cutting board class at Gowanus Furniture.

Dust off your crafting skills with a cutting board class at Gowanus Furniture.

Hi Pete! What’s your verdict on spring cleaning: Love it or leave it?
I left it for waaaay too long. Now with this weather, I suddenly have this urge to clean, like really clean. All the time. I guess that’s a refreshing and needed change, but sure takes a while. This better pass soon…

Hopefully it will pass faster than a heat wave! What music do you need on your playlist for doing housework?
I need something with a little energy to get things moving – like some drum and bass from the halcyon days that were the late ’90s. It hits the spot or Brian Eno’s Taking Tiger Mountain has been doing the trick recently…

Sounds tranquil for a day of housekeeping! What’s your number one priority before this urge to spring clean passes?
I want to rid my apt of all traces of that odd grime that seems to land on everything from nowhere. For at least a day or two.

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