Four Summer Essentials


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Get Shorty! Aurora Borealis Studded Shorts by Etsy seller, Anastasia.

As the weather heats up the rules change. In some cases, ever so slightly, in others, much more drastically. Let’s take fashion for instance. Drastic. Ditch the tired wool hat you’ve been wearing non-stop since October, forget the long underwear and yeah, why the heck not, put on a pair of shorts. Short shorts aren’t your thing? Understandable, but don’t let that stop you from feeling the heat. Throw on a sundress perhaps or throw caution to the wind and rock that bikini (or mankini as the case may be).

Os Mutantes

Os Mutantes, trippier and more summery than they might appear.

Once you’ve settled on an appropriate wardrobe, move on to music. How sick are you of sitting in your room with the shades drawn, lights off, listening to Elliott Smith on repeat or cranking Joy Division till everyone in your building is banging on your door begging you to turn it off? Why not put on Jane’s Addiction’s summer classic, “Summertime Rolls.” Yes, the 90s ruled! Wanna take another step back? Grab Os Mutantes’ strangely beautiful “Panis Et Circenes.” You won’t be disappointed. Next, allow us to suggest Devendra Banhart’s “Be Kind.” Or really, almost anything of Mr. Banhart’s (true, Banhart isn’t all roses and puppy dogs, but you’ll know those tunes right away so just skip ’em till the weather turns). If you are having trouble coming up with some sweet summer jams might we suggest a visit to New York’s Archive of Contemporary Music’s Annual Summer Sale from Saturday, June 9th till Sunday, June 17th where you’ll find plenty to keep your party rocking.



Alright, wardrobe and music wrapped up nice and tight let’s move on to furniture. Yes, even furniture requires a change of pace during the summer months. Get with it and grab yourself a hammock. No place to hang that bad boy? Pick up a few nice, simple folding chairs that can easily be transported from backyard to park to corner painlessly. If you are beach bound, make it a beach chair and call it a day. Sick of chairs in general? We hear you. Forgo them all and just roll with a picnic blanket. Easy. But please, don’t forget the barbecue. Do we really even need to say that? Didn’t think so.


Barbecued corn. Everybody loves it. Everybody!

While we’re talking barbecues, let’s talk food. As we all know, everything tastes better outside. And everything tastes better barbecued. EVERYTHING! Pineapple, corn, pine nuts, mushrooms, peppers, hot dogs, hamburgers – whatever. Throw it on the grill and bask in all the glory soon to be heaved on you in heavy doses by adoring friends and family.

Now that you’ve got a plan, stop staring at your screen in awe and get out there and get some sun while the getting’s good. Before you know it that tired wool hat will be back in full effect.

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