For the Love of Mid-century Modern Design


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For the Love of Mid-century Modern Design

Show your enthusiasm for Mid-century Design. Photo:

There’s no shortage in Mid-century Modern design on Krrb. It’s one of the most sought-after listings across the classifieds. This movement influenced architecture, graphic design, furnishings and technology in the mid-20th century and now. How strong is your affection for Mid-century Modern design? We’ve found a few fun ways to show your love and soak up the history.

1. If you can’t have a home filled with life-size Barcelona chairs as an ode to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, get miniature versions of this iconic design. It costs almost as much!

2. Cover every surface in your love for Mid-century design. Print maker Nethery Engblom created “Modcats” for MCM chair lovers. The pattern can be ordered on fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap paper.

For the Love of Mid-century Modern Design


3. Book a stay in Palm Springs during their annual Modernism Week, February 16-26, 2017. This visual overload is a step back in time with exhibitions on everything from fashion to films and furniture. Tour Mid-century Modern homes, cars, travel trailers and more. If you can’t wait that long, there is a fall preview in mid-October.

4. Read and dedicate to memory the boxed set Mid-century Modern Icons of Design this summer. These four books come printed accordian-style with text and photos illustrating the product’s influence on design history.

5. Pre-order Mid-century Modern Architecture Travel Guide that focuses on the West Coast, one of the most prolific areas for architecture with over 250 must-see destinations. The book to be released in late October is a record of the MCM movement.

For the Love of Mid-century Modern Design

Still from the Eames documentary. Photo:

6. Pop some popcorn and settle into your own vintage Eames Lounge chair and watch the documentary Eames: The Architect and The Painter. The first film dedicated to Charles and Ray Eames, the married couple responsible for the emergence of modernism.

7. Get your hands on a copy of the 1961 Playboy featuring the Masters of Mid-century Design. The feature written by John Anderson describes the movement as breaking the “form follows function” maxim. And don’t worry about lewdness associated to this publication, according to the seller there is only one nude photo.

8. Show your love on your sleeve, actually your arm. Wear a Eames rocker chair tattoo from Tattly on your person.

Alright Mid-century Modern lovers, time to share. How many of these have you done? How do you show your love for modernism?


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