Five More Ways to Win Big (and Get Featured on Apartment Therapy!)



Sure sure, you’ve heard all about the $1000 Apartment Therapy and Krrb Shopping Spree give-away and yes, we are sure you are sitting in a puddle of drool thinking about all the amazing stuff you are going buy. But what happens if you don’t win the 1000 bucks? Well, something almost even better could be yours and the odds are quite good.

Five lucky sellers will be selected by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, style-hound and Founder of Apartment Therapy, to get a dedicated feature article on Apartment That’s over 10 million eyeballs trained on you and your stuff (well 20 million if you count both eyes).

Thats right, 10 million people per month read what Maxwell and his savvy team focus on. You could be that focus. All you need to do to take your business to the next level is enter the contest. It’s worth it, no?

Enter Now

Visit the contest to enter your Krrb corner to win. And remember that Maxwell will pick out the best of the best, so be on your best!

Enter now!


Since Maxwell and his crew have such discerning taste, we’re gonna let you in on some tips to help make your corner stand out from the rest of those vying for the spotlight.

1. Add a profile pic – Showing your beautiful mug, a representative image or your company’s logo is just more neighborly.

2. Take great pictures – You don’t need a fancy camera, you just need pictures that are in focus and bright. You might also want to have multiple shots with different views for what you’re selling.

3. The title is everything – Be clear, descriptive, and forget the over exuberance. Because if you say that your couch is the very best awesomest amazing WOW couch in the world, it kinda sounds like you’re not truth-telling.

4. Juicy details – Make sure to give as much detail as possible about what you’re selling. Tell us where it’s from, why it’s a good price and why everyone should own it. Think “Show & Tell.”

5. Keywords – Use keywords like “vintage,” “handmade,” and “Design Within Reach” to make sure your stuff comes up when people search on Krrb and Google. You’ll get a ton more views and way more customers.

6. Fill out your settings – Creating a vanity url just looks more professional than a random number; connecting to your Facebook and Twitter gets the word out about your product; and adding business and/or personal info like a website site or bio is just good business.

And hey, good luck!


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