Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015


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Photo: Blog.builddirect.com

Photo: Blog.builddirect.com

With Father’s Day coming up on the 21st, now’s the time to find the perfect present. If your dad is anything like mine, he might not be too pushy when it comes to gift ideas. That’s why we’ve saved you the trouble and rounded up our favorite finds for every type of dad out there. Here are some of my favorite gift categories, and the best picks from our Father’s Day Gift Guide, all guaranteed to show some appreciation to the big guy in your life.

Decor for the Man Cave
Everyone needs their own space, but not everyone has an eye for design. Help your dad spice up his personal oasis with some thoughtful decor that’s his style—whether its posters, dart boards, favorite photos or lights.

Light up the room with this mahogany bar sign, $175 plus shipping.

Unique Collectibles
From trophies to rare oddities, it’s always fun to display things you’re proud of or interested in. Help your dad grow his collection with something unique that he’ll want to set up in his office or personal space.

Check out this vintage tackle box kit from the early 1900’s, $175 plus shipping.


Whether its a vintage poster of his favorite movie, or merchandise from his favorite sports team, memorabilia is always a really thoughtful and special gift. Don’t forget to package it in a nice display case, and it’s a home run for you.

Score this 49-ers sports set in San Carlos for $80.


Fashion Accessories
Now’s your chance to give your dad a style boost. Buying vintage and secondhand means he’s less likely to look like every other dad out there, and you’re more likely to save some cash.

Check out this Gucci wallet in Brooklyn for only $80.


Sporting Goods
Whether your dad is an avid golfer, tennis player, or just casual pickup-basketball fan, sporting goods serve the double gift purpose of fitness and stress-busting.

Get these power irons in Los Angeles for $100 (or best offer).


Don’t let your dad unwind with bad-looking glassware; hunt for a cool vintage set to compliment his favorite beverages. Bonus points if it comes with a carrier or fun way to display them when not in use.

Get this set of Mid-century Pilsner glasses and carrier for only $40 plus shipping.


Grilling Accessories
The image of dads and grills go together like hot dogs and summer. Make sure he’s prepared to cook up a storm this grilling season, with a range of solid equipment.

Score this portable Weber grill in San Francisco for $75.


Tech Accessories
Everyone can appreciate something that helps them stay up-to-date and keep their valuables safe; accessories for your dad’s favorite tech items ensure that he’s staying organized in style!

Get this modern padded leather laptop case for $41 plus shipping.


Something Nostalgic
Although it might be weird to think about, your dad was a kid once. Find something that takes him back to his childhood, because gifted nostalgia is always a hit!

Cruise down memory lane in this 1968 Deluxe Schwinn for $220 plus shipping.


An Old Standby
I’m pretty sure for the first 10 years of my life I got away with giving everyone handmade coupons for hugs and chores. If you’ve outgrown this awesome perk of youth, you can’t go wrong with a dad-gifting classic.

Stock up on a “bag-o-ties” in NYC, the seller wants to trade!


Have a great original gift idea for your dad this Father’s Day? Or just want to share some gifting mistakes of the past? Let us know in the comments! 


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