Everything Must Go

Will Farrell in Everything Must Go.

Will Farrell in Everything Must Go.

On May 13th, Lionsgate will release “Everything Must Go,” a dark comedy about an alcoholic who loses his job, then his wife, and soon thereafter, his house. With no where to go, the main character Nick Halsey, played by Will Ferrell, sets up yard sale on his front lawn with everything he owns (apparently the only legal way to have that much stuff on your front lawn is if it’s for sale). But as he begins to let his stuff get sold off, he gradually becomes more free and happy (and sober, we assume).

A coincidence? We think not

If only Nick had been Krrbing this whole time, he might not have fallen to the bottle, lost his job, wife and house. ;)

Check out the trailer with Nick Halsey and his “corner”:


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