[CLOSED] Enter to Win a New iPhone 4S in our ‘Sell Everything’ Contest!


Win a new iPhone 4S!

Spring is in the air. With the official first day of our favorite season coming soon, it’s time to start cleaning – and we’re not talking a simple sweep and a wipe. We just released the new version of our Krrb iPhone App and it’s so dangerously easy, you might find yourself selling everything you own this spring, including the kitchen sink! And we like the idea of that ;)

To get y’all inspired, we invite you to join us in this madness with our Sell Everything contest on Krrb.com for your chance to win a brand-spanking new iPhone 4S with the pretty packaging and all!

Enter today, it’s fun, easy and totally insane!

How to Enter

OK OK so we don’t expect you to sell everything you own (though we are curious to see if you will). So how about this: post five (or more) things you’d like to get rid of to Krrb.com between today and April 10th for your chance to win. Write something nice about each item – it’s all in the story!

Once you’re done, make your submission by commenting below with a link to your Krrb corner. All posts must be real and available to your neighbors – both near and far. And while you’re at it, why not tell us about that one thing you’d never get rid of – inquiring minds want to know!

Download our new iPhone app for the fastest way to post. Or use our Krrb it button to magically republish your posts from Etsy, Craiglist or eBay to Krrb with one click. Ain’t life grand?


Winners will be selected based off creativity, storytelling, quality and maybe even the sheer quantity of posts.

Prizes include:

Top corner (1) winner — New 16GB iPhone 4S valued at $199 USD + 50 free Krrb credits

Honorable corners (5) winners — 50 free Krrb credits

No purchase necessary. This competition is open to all Krrb members, including business and international members! You may submit multiple corners as long as each corner represents a different entity (e.g. your personally and your business). See official rules.

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  • awe, moms are cool.

  • Judochop

    I love my mom, no really I do! Sure my friends and I nicknamed her Satan in high school but for reals we’ve totally become besties since, bonding over various interests and family gossip. She loves scrap-booking and even has her own eBay store selling these items she gets at conventions. One time I joined her at a convention nearby and I somehow ended up with a ton of scrap-booking stuff—despite my distinct “pack as many pictures into a used book” style. So these things have just sat in a box I keep labeled “M0M” that also contains the cooking utensils she ships to me in hopes I’ll start a family soon. I came across this box last week and a friend convinced me it was time to clean it out and focus on the interests we do share.
    I mean I don’t have to tell my mom someone else has these things now do I?

    Check out my corner if you’re the child my mom always wanted::

  • Sometimes I do wish I could sell everything I own but sadly I don’t have much since Manhattan apartments are the size of a non-city dwellers bathroom! I did however go through my closet and did a little spring cleaning to get rid of some of the awesome and pretty much never worn clothes I happen to have. I’m not only a fashionista, I’m  an impulse buyer as well! So hopefully someone else can gain from my wallet pain ;) Check out my corner if you want to add to your wardrobe without draining your bank. 

    One thing I could never sell is my vintage suitcase collection and cowboy boot collection! I’ve always been obsessed with those two things for as long as I can remember. Someday I hope to turn all those vintage suitcases into bedside tables, and maybe then I’ll sell them!


  • Anonymous

    Hi there,
    I just moved out from my parents’s to Paris. Oh man that’s expansive, so I’m selling a few gems from my sneakers collection and giving away some geeky stuff. Take a look at my corner right here

  • I love cleaning out all this stuff I’ve been collecting for years, WHy? Oh WHy? THanks for this! My apt is getting less cluttered by the day! ALso, I actually just bought something on Krrb that I need. heh. http://krrb.com/4517

  • Fitz

    How about half of everything? We moved. Again. Actually this time we moved twice. We moved a photo studio from a a small commercial space (running away from crazy mold!) into storage–and our living room. Two months later we moved our apartment AND the storage space contents into our new apartment. Now we have 2 of almost everything! So we’re thinning the herd here on the Krrb! Reorganizing is revealing all sort of odd items too. In the future look out for our crazy collection of coat hooks, curtain rods, and cocktail glasses! http://krrb.com/CandF

  • It is! It’s free to post on Krrb… :)

  • Lesliecoffie

     i just want it for free

  • Antoinette Vintage

    Well, technically I am selling everything my Mom once owned & now I own so if you ask me that is probably the coolest way to “Sell everything you own” …Check out this really really neat Krrb corner –>  http://krrb.com/Antoinette

  • What fun! Here is a link to my krrb corner: http://krrb.com/joelle

  • Cat G.

    How do I love thee, Krrb? Everywhere I go these days, I encounter more stuff I have to sort through! I’m calling it “The Stuff Problem”. And you are helping me cope! I’d get rid of it ALL if I could. But my little Ollie cat? You cannot have him. Happy Krrb’ing everybody! http://krrb.com/catg

  • I’d like to smoke what you’re smoking! :D Sorry, but you must own the city in order to sell it. And even so, it needs to be available to your neighbors to buy. Sure you could argue that GOD is your neighbor, but since Krrb is about local and in-person commerce, you’d need to meet him face-to-face to finalize the transaction. Well, I guess you could do PayPal with GOD, but I’d make sure that he is a certified member first.

  • Vrj2423

    Selling is offering to exchange something of value for something else. The something of value being offered may be tangible or intangible. The something else, usually money, is most often seen by the seller as being of equal or greater value than that being offered for sale.Therefore i would like to sell a whole city full of people who are interested in violence or any other thing which bring harm to nature.i would like to complete this whole deal with GOD himself so he could treat them well.

  • I am a lover of all things art + design.  I try to incorporate conscious consumption into every aspect of my life, including fashion + decor.  My little business, PaulineMarie, currently is focused on vintage + near new clothing + accessories in excellent condition.  I hand select only the best for my customers.  Check out my Krrb corner at krrb.com/paulinemarie.  Latest pieces include awesome vintage labels Lady Manhattan, Frank Usher, Zentall, Amelia Berko + Pappagallo.  The one thing I’d never get rid of: a lithograph of Georges Braque’s “Jug and Ivy” found at Goodwill Thrift Store in Boulder, CO for $7.50!

  • sam

    plz Give me thiz iphone plz i want to cell sell my 1 year oldy goldy nokia-c3 sell phone i can also sell my kidneys for this phone lol (coz i belong to a poor country)

  •  Wow! I’m constantly editing my belongings but today I found 16 things (offered as 9 sets) I totally would love to pass on to someone else. Thanks for the challenge.

    Aspiring crafters might find my corner especially interesting:

  • One year later and I’m still getting rid of my ex’s stuff. (Well, except the Martha Stewart book. That wasn’t his!) This contest has driven me to fully cleanse my apartment of him! http://krrb.com/TheFeistyRedhead

  • Acornmarkets

    I realize I couldn’t sell everything we own, but I’m willing to list, list, list and see what happens.
    New for spring are our hand-sewn neckties, with a modern take on a classic – for boys and girls! Or if you’re a plant lover, check out some of our just available air plants (more will becoming ready in the next few weeks, so keep an eye on us). Perhaps, you are looking for an inventive decoration for a party or upcoming nuptials? You may like our hand-crafted paper garlands. Three styles to choose from, classy and classic ‘snowy white’, vintage book pages or the old stand by ‘phone directory’.
    With Acorn Markets, we just can’t stop creating, so help us out and take some of these things home! Our attention to detail is unparalleled, and if you would like to see these items in person, join as at Chicago’s Randolph Street ‘Spring Fling’ March 24th and 25th. Hope to see you there! or here…on Krrb!

  • Svenmoving

    Done and done. I’m actually selling everything somebody else used to own… but they don’t need it anymore. I sell cheap for Brooklyn, especially sexy Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I mean, we’re talking Kansas prices. 

  • The Vintage Laundress

    At my corner, we believe in being aggressively pink and if it’s not pink, then it’s really girly and prissy!  Also, it has to be vintage to meet our manifesto.  Think Virginia Woolf and “A Room of One’s Own.”  Imagine what you would furnish that room with, or maybe what you might wear while lounging on the chaise reading Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.”  My corner is a little bohemian because we love vibrant color and how the use of it defines non-conformity.  But, we are also eclectic because we have a  habit of choosing “all of the above” when given multiple choices in our decor and dress.  And finally we are dramatic because we like things that are opulent, elegant, and over the top.  Junk, like the finest fabrics, the most refined craftsmanship, gleaming precious metals, and sparkle-y chandeliers make us happy campers!  Find us at http://krrb.com/TheVintageLaundry 

  • cocokoko

    My krrb corner runneth over, and alas, I must part with some fine gems. A silent roommate, afternoons playing Frogger, blue velvety naps, tasty breakfasts, and spins around the park await you, my friends!

  • Jessica_Blackman

    Hey Sarah, That sounds like a garage sale I want to be at! Why not get them all posted to Krrb and share your Krrb Corner’s url here so you can be eligible to win the contact? 

  • Sarah

    I would love to sell the giant oak entertainment center in my living room, my husband’s weight set that’s taking up space in the garage that he hasn’t used in years, a big screen old type projection tv that was given to us a couple years ago, an antique dresser that I’m in the process of refinishing, and everything on the east side of my garage… garage sale coming soon! As far as something I would never sell, well that’s my grandmother’s clock. She was an antique dealer and the clock was my father’s after she passed away, and now it hangs in my living room. My uncle offered me 5 figures for it but that’s my children’s inheritance. It will be in my home until I am called to my eternal home in glory!

  • Mrmodern

    Sell everything we own? We sell for a living, so we do sell everything we own, but we replenish as we go. A fun cycle that keeps our surroundings fresh and interesting! Seems there’s a certain personality that thrives on change and then the flip side are those that seek it out and treasure it forever. Each type needs the other to nurture the cycle. Do your part, and check us out at The Randolph Street Market Spring Fling, March 24 & 25 at Plumbers Hall in Chicago!!! A weekend of sunny and happy.http://krrb.com/mrmodern