Earth Day 2016 — Get Involved Roundup


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Earth Day is on April 22 this year and we’ve preparing by with some of our favorite pointers on helping out our sweet mother Earth. It’s important for all of to get involved in any way that we can—big or small. Krrb has always been focused on living green from DIY projects to eco-friendly cleaning methods, and has gathered plenty of informative posts below! Our helpful guides include all types of topics ranging from green cleaning tips to growing your garden to selling your secondhand goods (of course!) and so on. Happy Earth Day friends!


Download our Earth Day Coloring Page!

Learn the best techniques for composting.

3 interesting projects repurposing e-waste.

6 Pinterest projects to get your started on a eco-friendly Earth Day.

The do’s and don’ts of farmers markets.

Visit Norman J. Levy Park and Preserve.

Repurpose old home appliances for your garden.

32 simple ways to love your Mother Earth.

From your pantry, these all-natural recipes are perfect for spring cleaning your abode.

Clean up your secondhand furniture with three green methods.

Wash your clothes with our DIY green detergent recipe.

Find out how to wipe your grill down au naturale with this Krrb Quick Tip.

Independent business owners share their tips for greenifying your business.

Make your own mark on the world with moss.

Gardening in small places gets easier with our tips and tricks.

Get the skinny on composting from expert Amanda Matles.


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