Dress Your Walls on a Budget — 8 Free Printables To Spruce up Your Space


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Photo: Maikonagao.blogspot.com.es

Photo: Maikonagao.blogspot.com.es

If you’re on a budget and aren’t looking to add any expensive art or wall hangings to your abode at this time—printables are where it’s at! There are a variety of websites and designers that offer awesome photographs and graphics that are available to you to simply download, print and pop into a frame! We’ve rounded up some of our favorites you’ll want showcased in your home!

Modern Cactus Print


I love cacti. It’s hard for me to go into a nursery and not fawn over the collection of mini cacti that await me at the front counter. While I wish I could have a windowsill filled with prickly little fellows, I have cats who are very keen on sniffing them (and therefore getting prodded on the nose!) Because of that, I stick to cacti prints and patterns so I can get that trendy western vibe without a trip to the vet! I especially like these abstract versions from The Crafted Sparrow!

To Pair with the Print: I love the idea of using an antique window frame as a way to showcase prints. A row of cactus prints set in this wood frame would be such a fun way to put them on display!

Fun Flamingo Vibes


Is there anything as cheery as a flamingo? From pool floats to candles and everything in between, the flamingo is definitely having its moment in the design world. This bright and bold print from Simply Darling will be sure to liven up any room that it’s placed in!

To Pair with the Print: Compliment the boldness of this print with a vintage gold frame to give it a glamorous Hollywood regency vibe.

Mandala Coloring Page

ways to color

Raise your hand if you’re a big fan of coloring! Whether you already have your “adult coloring book” or you need to print out some sheets like this one from Alisa Burke, don’t just sit there, get started! Have a nice relaxing, de-stressing coloring session with your faithful colored pencils and then showcase your bright new project!

To Pair with the Print: These prints would look great in a simple modern black frame with a black matte. Color using bright colors or stick to muted shades of grey and black, either way your new pictures will shine in these understated frames.



Gemstones are all the rage right now. I can’t walk by a store without popping in and searching for the perfect one to heal whatever misfortune I’m experiencing that day. The only problem is I never seem to remember what all of them represent! This gemstone guide from Brit + Co is already printed out and waiting to be hung up in my room over my nightstand where I show off my rock collection!

To Pair with the Print: Pairing these gemstones with a unique frame like these diamond-shaped vintage ones would be the perfect way to highlight the gemstones’ sharp edges and varying shapes!

Vintage Prints

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 2.47.43 PM

The New York Public Library’s Digital Collection is a great resource to find amazing photos to add to your gallery wall. Warning: there are thousands and thousands of images, so be prepared to scroll for a few hours. We have a feeling it’ll be hard to only choose one or two that you’re fond of! From fashion sketches like the one above to vintage scenes of New York City, you’ll definitely find something that suites your taste.

To Pair with the Print: Since there are so many photographs and prints for you to choose from in the collection, I have a feeling you’ll be printing quite a few. This gold framed pin board is a great way for you to alternate the pictures you have on display and create your own inspiration board!

A Pineapple Paradise


Much like the flamingo, pineapples aren’t fading away just yet. Trust me when I say that are so many different pineapple prints for you to choose from, but I took a liking to this one from Maiko Mangao. A pineapple a day keeps the worries away!

To Pair with the Print: I think a good ole’ pineapple print would look great in just about anything, but this art deco frame is really speaking to me. The contrast between the bright yellow and the black frame makes the graphic really pop!

Floral Accents


If you don’t exactly have a green thumb, but are desperately wanting florals in your house- this printable from It’s Always Autumn is a great place for you to start. These feminine florals would be perfectly placed near your dressing area, above a vanity or ever in a newborn’s nursery.

To Pair with the Print: Try pairing these fun florals with a feminine frame to go perfectly with it’s color scheme and aesthetic. A vintage shabby chic frame like this would do the job just right!

Inspirational Typography


If an inspirational quote hanging across from you while you get ready in the morning helps you start your day off right, then you’re in luck because the options of typography printables is essentially endless! I’m a big supporter of positive vibes and reinforcement in the AM so something like this from A Joyful Riot would be the perfect accent for the top of a dresser or next to a mirror.

To Pair with the Print: I love the idea of showcasing graphics and photos on a clipboard like how A Joyful Riot has this printable displayed. What’s even more fun? An oversized clipboard like these!

Where do you find fun printables? Let us know in the comments so we can print them out too!


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