Dress Your Walls — 30 Artwork DIYs under $30


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Are your walls and wallet both bare? These wall art projects under $30 allow you to add some personality to your room and express your creativity without breaking the bank! And most are customizable so you can experiment with color, shape and texture. Which project are you starting first? If your artistic talents are lacking, check out all the affordable art on Krrb.

DIY String Art

DIY String Art
1. DIY String Art: Using cork tiles, nails and embroidery floss, you can make a personalized monogram for your walls. It’s inexpensive and customizable!

Rainbow Crayon Art

Rainbow Crayon Art
2. Rainbow Crayon Art
This project is great because it requires only a blank canvas, crayons and a hair dryer, all of which you probably have at home!

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Styrofoam Print

3. Styrofoam Print: Recycle those foam boxes from your leftover Chinese food with this simple and awesome print!

Light Bright Wall Art

4. Light Bright Wall Art: Simply poke holes into a blank canvas and feed Christmas lights through the front to create this twinkling wall art.

Fabric Wall Art

5. Fabric Wall Art: Use liquid starch and any heavy fabric of your choice to add personality to your walls! Bonus points for the super easy removal when you tire of it.

Knick Knack Key Art

6. Knick Knack Key Art: No purchasing necessary, use the knick-knacks laying around your house, a paper punch and some paint to make this awesome heart key art!

Fish Scale Wall

7. Fish Scale Wall: This fish scale design looks luxe, but is actually made with super cheap paper circles! The gold adds a glamorous touch.

Coin Art

8. Coin Art: No tutorial for this, but it’s simple: just glue nickels to store-bought wooden letters. Or for an even cheaper version, dig through your couch cushions for pennies! You can even make dirty lackluster pennies shiny again with this simple science experiment.

Magazine Strips Art

9. Magazine Strips Wall Art: Repurpose all those colorful magazines that are laying around your place into an awesome piece of artwork!

Map Mural

Map Mural with TEXT
10. Map Mural: Got wanderlust? Bring the world into your home (literally!) with this world map wall mural that requires only an overhead projector, transparency paper and paint.

Mod Podge Silhouette Canvas

11. Mod Podge Silhouette Canvas: Another way to recycle your old magazines and bring out your crafty side! And if you don’t want to buy the super-expensive Mod Podge needed for the collage, you can make your own here.

Puffy Paint Canvas Art

_MG_3885 copy
12. Puffy Paint Canvas Art: Classic, minimalist, chic. And all with just puffy paint?! This art can add texture and dimension to any wall.

Matches Script Art

13. Matches Script Wall Art: Get a little dangerous with this wall art made from matches. Make them into any shape or word and hang it on your wall, or do as the artist did and burn it.

Rasterbator Art

14. The Rasterbator Art: The project has the potential to be completely free if you already own a printer and computer paper. This site allows you to turn any image into a multi-page larger image made up of tiny dots. Print out whatever photo you like, tape the pages together and hang on the wall! It’s modern pointillism.

Chevron Painted Wall Art

15. Chevron Painted Wall Art: The end result looks like this project would be labor-intensive, but it’s actually super easy! This step-by-step tutorial is extremely detailed and shows you how to use acrylic paint, masking tape and gold spray paint to create this awesome design.

Thumbtack Wall Art

16. Thumbtack Wall Art: This is genius! Grab a pack of metallic thumbtacks from any drugstore or craft store and push into a canvas in the shape of your choice. The end results are stunning and we love the ampersand design.

Glitter Wall Art

17. Glitter Wall Art: Glitter! Use any simple silhouette you like to make this easy art using glitter and white glue. Sparkles galore!

Jewel Case Frames Art

18. Jewel Case Frames Art: If you’ve still got CDs leftover from the 1990’s, you can put your own photos into the jewel cases and hang them on the wall as frames. The best part is if you get tired of the original design, the cases are re-arrangeable and you can switch the photos whenever you like!

Pinwheel Wall Art

19. Pinwheel Wall Art: These easy pinwheels add texture, dimension to walls and movement because they really spin! Great for a baby or kid’s room and they’re a really unique project. All you need to make them is cardstock, hot glue and push pins.

3D Rose Wall Art

20. 3D Rose Wall Art: Would you believe that this gorgeous rose is made from folded masking tape? Add this super easy and dirt-cheap project to your to-do list now.

Instagram Photo Collage

21. Instagram Photo Collage: Bring your Instagram feed from your phone to your walls by printing out your favorite shots and hanging them in a grid pattern. This is a great way to show off your personality through visuals in your home!

Dried Flowers Canvas Art

22. Dried Flowers Canvas Art: Keep springtime flora displayed all year long with this dried flower art. With just Mod Podge, a canvas and some patience, you can save and show off the beautiful flowers from your garden!

Embroidery Wall Art

23. Embroidery Wall Art: If you’ve got some sewing skill, display your embroidery hoops on your wall! Create a colorful cross-stitch or embroider your favorite quote. This tutorial even shows you the best stitches to create bold text. And if you don’t want to buy new embroidery hoops, check your local thrift stores—they’re usually super cheap!

Broken Record Ombre Wall Art

Tattooed-Martha-Broken-Record-Ombre-Wall-Art-9 (2)
24. Broken Record Ombre Wall Art: Another way to use a common thrift store find: old records! Repurpose old records by smashing it up and glueing it to an ombre canvas. Great to display in any music lover’s room.

Dish Soap Splatter Art

25. Dish Soap Splatter Art: This is half art project, half science project! Paint a canvas whatever color you like (this person used an orange to yellow gradient), splatter with liquid dish soap, then spray paint with black paint. Wait five minutes before washing the canvas with water and the soap wash away, leaving the original color underneath. So cool!

Upcycled Thrift Store Art

26. Upcycled Thrift Store Art: Another way to repurpose an old thrift store find. An old print can become a statement art piece by simply adding some sticker letters to the print. Or take it a step further as this blogger did and paint white paint over top, then peel the letters off to reveal the color underneath.

Custom Stenciled Wall Art

27. Custom Stenciled Wall Art: Instead of buying expensive wallpaper, make your own stencil and pattern a wall yourself! Use a white paint pen and stencil paper to make this Totally customizable and budget-friendly project a breeze.

Spray Painted Doily Art

28. Spray Painted Doily Art: Take advantage of those beautiful crocheted doilies by using spray paint to transfer the pattern to a canvas. No artistic talent necessary here! The end result is a romantic lacy look.

Ombre Brush Stroke Art

29. Ombre Brush Stroke Art: Sometimes simplicity can make a huge impact. This emerald green ombre art can be achieved by gradually diluting the paint with white and making ombre brushstrokes along a canvas. So easy and so beautiful!

Duct Tape Wall Art

30. Duct Tape Wall Art: This project couldn’t be simpler. In fact, this tutorial says it takes only 90 seconds to make! Colorful and patterned duct tape make a bright impact against a white canvas. Grab that x-acto knife and get to work!

Tell us in the comments what artwork you’ll be making. And if you’re not craft-minded, check out Krrb for affordable artwork.


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