Double Up – The Best 5 Double Dutch Videos Online

Salvador dali jump roping.

Salvador Dali skipping rope.

Sometimes overlooked, but never ignored, Double Dutch is the most fun you can have on two feet. We scoured the internet for videos to inspire and get you moving. Check out five of the best jump roping videos available online.

The Professionals

There’s no deny these girls have the bragging rights and double dutch skills to back it up at a competition!

Group Efforts

Check out this group trick at the jump rope world championships in Cape Town, South Africa.

Miss First Lady

As part of her campaign to fight childhood obesity, Michelle Obama shows off how light she is on her toes in this school age classic.

Thighs at Work

This song and fancy footwork will get the blood moving.


It’s one thing for two-legged creatures to hop between two ropes, but four-legged ones are really bringing their game to the yard.

Tell Us

Are you a skilled double dutch’r? We want to see a video of you in action!


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