Local DIY Roundup — San Francisco Classes, Workshops and Maker Spaces


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Here at Krrb we love doing-it-ourselves. Whether it’s a cool chair or lamp, there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get after building something yourself. That’s why it’s so great to know that if you go looking in any city you can find a nice, little DIY Space that might just have everything you need.

This month, we’re exploring a few DIY Spaces in San Francisco. If you’re a native or just visiting the area, these are the go-to spaces for your DIY needs.

Workshop SF

Photo: Gdsclothgoods.com

Photo: Gdsclothgoods.com

Run by local teachers, artisans, or just talented DIY-ers, Workshop SF merges an open party environment with the classroom. A casual, adult-oriented space (feel free to use their beer bar!), Workshop SF features 50 different classes, from silk-screening to metalsmithing. They focus on using affordable equipment, so you can easily replicate the projects at home. Whether you want a one-time art project, or a multi-class skill building experience, Workshop SF is designed to comfortably bring out your inner artist.

Workshop SF is located at 1798 McAllister Street & Baker, San Francisco, CA 94115.


Photo: Joelasqo.com

Photo: Joelasqo.com

A self-described “hackerspace” and “do-ocracy”, Noisebridge deviates from the norm in the best way. Non-profit and focused on community education and cooperation, Noisebridge offers open-use project spaces, public events, and traditional classes. And while the space is free and open to all, for only $80/month you gain the right to vote on changes at their weekly meetings. From learning how to hack advanced computer servers, to basic sewing skills, Noisebridge makes a great range of education easily accessible to all.

Noisebridge is located at 2169 Mission Street, San Francisco CA, 94110.

The Makeshift Society

Photo: Pinterest.com

Photo: Pinterest.com

Boasting 1,000 sq. feet of design space and a cozy nap loft, The Makeshift Society is like a DIY home away from home. A variety of pre-paid membership options let you work at your own pace, as well as offer discounts on classes and various product lines. From weaving and writing, to cooking, or ceramics, they offer many different classes and workshops to attend and learn from. The Makeshift Society also encourages setting up meetings and workspace with clients, as a way to help kick-start your own small business. So whether you’re here to casually craft or follow a new career path, The Makeshift Society can be your go-to (naps included).

The Makeshift Society is located at 235 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA 94102.

Moto Shop

Photo: Instagram.com/motoshop?auto=format

Photo: Instagram.com/motoshop?auto=format

Calling all motorcycle owners: now you can take full control of the care and performance of your bike! Moto Shop is a specialized organization that offers small workshops and seminars focused on educating bike owners, with no prior work experience required. Some workshops offer a lower price for those that just want to observe, but all classes are affordable. Start learning how to change a tire, then eventually work your way up to rebuilding an entire engine. Moto Shop will help you cut out the middle-man, and be a true DIY-er with your bike.

Moto Shop is located at 540 De Haro Street, San Francisco CA 94107.

Brit + Co

Photo: Brit.co

Photo: Brit.co

A local crafting haven owned by online DIY community Brit + Co celebrates all things handmade. Sign up for classes such as chocolate making or 3D printing, or pick up pre-packaged kits sold in-store. There are even several stations where projects can be made at no cost, offering customers a ton of creative possibilities. If you find yourself browsing Pinterest for directions to make your own fringe jewelry or custom bags, chances are Makeshop is the spot for you.

Brit + Co is located at 550 Sutter Street, San Francisco CA 94102.

There you have it! A couple of great DIY Spaces in YOUR city. Now you don’t have an excuse to not make all those things you’ve been talking about making. Go DIY!


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