Local DIY Roundup — Los Angeles Classes, Workshops and Maker Spaces


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Here at Krrb we love doing it ourselves. Whether it’s a vintage heater turned into a lamp or luggage repurposed into side tables, there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get after building something yourself. That’s why it’s so great to know that if you go looking in any city you can find a nice, little DIY shop that might just have everything you need.

This week, we’re exploring a few DIY Shops in Los Angeles. If you’re a native or just visiting the area, these are the go-to shops for your DIY needs.

The Unincorporated Life

Photo: Instagram.com/theunincorporatedlife/?auto=format

Photo: Instagram.com/theunincorporatedlife/?auto=format

At The Unincorporated Life, the classes aren’t just about the manipulation of fabrics, but also how to create and maintain a brand. It’s all about the creation of fashion from start to finish. Brand development is a key part of life now, so the ability to learn that while also being taught a hands-on skill gives these classes an extra-boost of creativity.

The Unincorporated Life is located at 1150 N Western Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90029.

Machine Project

Photo: Sites.moca.org/

Photo: Sites.moca.org/

Machine Project is more of an informal educational institution. They’ll teach classes on pretty much anything they’re interested in. Past courses include topics ranging from soap making to musical soldering, and even mind reading. The Machine Project has no objections as long as it’s interesting. Have something oddly specific in mind that you’d like to learn about? Well, you can even email the shop and suggest a class.

Machine Project is located at 1200 N Alvarado St. Los Angeles, CA 90026.

Gather DTLA

Photo: Galleryrow.org

Photo: Galleryrow.org

Gather DTLA is for anyone that loves to or wants to learn how to knit! They have beginners classes in crocheting and knitting, and in their advance classes you’ll start to develop more complex techniques. You’ll learn to design and knit new things, such as accessories, sweaters, and you’ll even do a little experimenting along the way!

Gather DTLA is located at 453 S Spring St. Ste M1 Los Angeles, CA 90013.

Hand & Machine Studio

Photo: Instagram.com/handandmachine?auto=format

Photo: Instagram.com/handandmachine?auto=format

Hand & Machine Studio is a design and ceramic studio. They’re constantly posting new classes, including ceramic arts, pottery, digital fabrication, and industrial design. The best part is you can sign up for beginner classes or drop-ins. The space was started by three designers who were looking to collaborate, while also opening up their workshops to other creative types.

Hand & Machine Studio is located at 2035 Bay St. Los Angeles, CA 90021.


Photo: Poketo.com

Photo: Poketo.com

Poketo was started by husband-and-wife team Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung in 2003. They began as an upstart creative enterprise and now are an online destination with two physical locations. They host all sorts of design-based workshops, between styling food and calligraphy, you’ll learn hands-on how to make something beautiful. Feeling a little more digital? How about a class in podcasting! They literally have it all.

Poketo has two locations at 820 E 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90013 and 3515 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90010.

There you have it folks! A couple of great DIY shops in YOUR city. Now you don’t have an excuse to not make all those things you’ve been talking about making but had an excuse for. Go DIY!


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