DIY Club: Pretty Painted Pots


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Krrb — DIY Club: Pretty Painted Pots

All Photos: Heather Talbert Photography

One thing we’ve learned since starting this DIY group last year is that sometimes, Pinterest lies. Our crafting fails, each snagged from the social media platform that makes you feel like you can conquer the world, include (but aren’t limited to) clay dishes charring in the oven and candles exploding. But when the metal washer used in said candle goes shooting across the room, we move from DIY fail to DIY life hazard.

That said, we decided to scale it back a bit—for our sanity and our safety.

This go-round, we opted for simplicity with a summertime feel using terra cotta pots, paint and brushes, stencils and some creative thinking.

Krrb — DIY Club: Pretty Painted Pots

Is it super simple? Heck yes. But this project was tackled with enthusiasm because summer is fleeting in Chicago, and we live for the days of sunshiny garden-growing–even if the garden’s small and resides on our windowsill.

Color blocking, zig zagging, waves…any pattern was fair game. Having a steady hand was the biggest challenge, but hey, after dealing with glass shards, that was nuthin’.

Krrb — DIY Club: Pretty Painted Pots

And thus, we present our handiwork. We didn’t mess them up and we’ve already put them to good use. Simplicity for the win!

Krrb — DIY Club: Pretty Painted Pots

What DIY project do you want to see the group do next? Have you started a DIY club of your own? Let us know!


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