Dishes — Portland, Maine Vs. San Francisco, California


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We grew up with two sets of dishes — the everyday plain set and the fancy china tucked into the cabinet that only saw the light of day on Thanksgiving and grandma’s birthday. But what about an in-between set? A funky set of dishes full of character that can be pulled out for every dinner party and birthday? We searched for dish sets in both California and Maine and found two mod sets with very different personalities.

Mardi Gras Mid-Century Dishes in San Francisco, California



These Mid-Century Modern dishes have pops of teal, yellow and pink between geometric shapes and lines. Created by Salem, an Ohio china company, this set is a rare vintage find that looks bold spread across a modern teak table.

Find them on ModFortis?auto=format’ Corner. $225

Mod Viking Dishes in Portland, Maine



An incredible 50-piece set of dishes is decorated with funny viking men, ships and at least one Scandinavian maiden. Marked “Figgjo Flint,” the dishes were made in the 1970s in Norway. The dishes are a perfect wedding gift for a fun couple or as a family’s dining set.

Find them on Monki Vintage’s Corner. $600.

Our Vote

Although the Mardi Gras dishes are beautiful and fit any modern decor, we can’t pass up the delightful characters on the viking dishes. They’re such conversation pieces that every dinner party would celebrate their kitschy, quirky vintage look.

Your Vote

Weigh in on which set you’d use on your dining room table. Are you into the chic and colorful Mid-Century dishes, or the silly and whimsical Scandinavian pieces?

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