Digital Decluttering for Spring


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With winter finally heading out the door, many people are starting to assess their spring cleaning plan of attack. During all the sheet swapping and window washing, why not address some little annoyances that have been piling up in your digital life? I’ve made an easy checklist for you to follow, from your phone to your personalized playlists. Hopefully these ideas help you get rid of the junk, and start the season off with a spring in your step.


Your Phone


1. Minimize storage
If you’re like me, you have a boatload of extra photos/screenshots on your phone that should have been purged long ago. Now’s the perfect time to scan through and delete anything less than perfect. If you can’t let it go, but don’t necessarily want it on your phone (aka the hundreds of shots of my cats) simply back up your files to the Cloud or your computer. Save room for new Instagram shots, and store those selfies in a safer place.

2. Delete and organize apps
Just like with photos, excess apps can chew up a lot of space. Still hanging on to Flappy Bird with the nostalgic hope you’ll feel the urge to play one day? Let it go, and all the frustrated rage that comes with it. With the apps you do keep, think about organizing them into files like “Shopping” or “Work Mode.” Now you won’t need to swipe past a thousand games when all you need to find is that invasive calculator.

3. Upgrade software
So now that you’ve freed up space on your phone, you can finally upgrade your software! It’s annoying to have to leave it alone during the download and installation period, but you’ll be glad your phone is running more efficiently when it’s done. Use the waiting time to do some physical spring cleaning, and it will fly by.


Your Computer


1. Organize email
It may seem daunting to tackle hundreds of stagnant emails, but this should be at the top of your computer purge list. Delete anything you don’t need, and archive what you do. While you’re going through, unsubscribe from emails from companies you no longer care to hear from. That saves you a whole lot of deleting in the future!

2. Desktop icons
Just like with email, if you don’t need it, introduce it to the trash can. It’s easy for a pile of saved photos and files to gather on your desktop, but develop a new system of organization. Create helpful folders and backup old files to jump drives if needed. Plus, now you can actually appreciate your desktop background!

3. Delete old tabs
It took me 3 long years to finally figure out how to organize bookmarks on my browser, and it was a revelation when I got it done. Create new tabs for websites you frequent, and get rid of ones you don’t. Faster function means a better Internet experience, and less mess.


Social Media


1. Unfriend/unfollow
Life is too short to have annoying people thrown in your face daily. This digital decluttering means going through your social profiles and removing anyone you’ve been meaning to rid yourself of. With a more streamlined newsfeed, you’re only seeing things that interest or matter to you. If you’re as passive-aggressive as me, you can unfollow your Facebook friends instead of fully committing to unfriending. They’ll never know, and you’ll be blessed with less updates about their unfortunate weather experiences.

2. Update social profiles
With the amount of social profiles out there, it’s easy to let them go unmaintained. Take the time to go through and refine your online presence. Add skills and job info on LinkedIn, untag unflattering Facebook photos, and finally come up with that witty Twitter bio you’ve been dreaming of. New season, new you.




1. The musical purge
It’s amazing what can pile up in your music library. Tastes change, old gems are forgotten and you find yourself having to interrupt your commute to skip unwanted songs every few minutes. Take the time to delete unwanted tracks, and download new favorites that you’ve been meaning to get.

2. Fresh new playlists
After all this hard work, you deserve a reward! Make some new playlists to spice up your day: a “Cleaning Mix” of high-energy throwbacks, a “Drown It Out” assortment of loud songs for subway noise, or even a secret selection of your guilty pleasures. Now you won’t have to repeatedly press “skip” in a panic as the opening swells of the Les Mis soundtrack blare for all to hear (unless you want to).

After following this list, you should be feeling pretty satisfied about the state of your digital life. Have any other cool ideas for a tech purge for spring? Let us know in the comments!


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