Crowdfunding — Circle of Life and Death


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Crowdfunding Circle of Life and Death


As morbid as it is to talk about life after death, Katrina Spade is doing just that.
What happens with your body after you die? The default options include burial in a cemetery or cremation. Katrina is attempting to add a third final destination into the mix with a green twist—help the environment by turning your body into reusable soil.

Currently raising money through Kickstarter, the Urban Death Project aims to respectfully compost the deceased into soil-building materials.

Backed by an Echoing Green Climate fellowship, Katrina proposes that this ecological alternative relieves overcrowding of city cemeteries, reduces the use of hazardous embalming fluids, and minimizes the amount of carbon dioxide that goes into the air during the cremation process. Using a three-story core containing the unique compost-based renewal system. During a ceremony, bodies of the deceased are placed inside the core by their friends and families. Then, over the course of a few months aerobic decomposition and microbial activity decomposes the bodies fully, creating soil that can be used to grown new life in the form of plants and trees.

Wrapping up Kickstarter funding in less than a day, the Urban Death Project has already reached it’s goal of $75,000. More than just money, this crowdfunded project has brought awareness to an eco-friendly, sustainable option after death.

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