Critical Decor – The One With Monica’s Apartment


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We love television as much as the next guy. But we get particularly giddy when we get to pick apart the decor in search of deeper truths. Join us as we investigate the who, what, when and especially the why of interior design drama.

As you may have heard, all 236 glorious episodes of Friends are now available for your viewing pleasure on Netflix. We here at Krrb love Friends: Chandler and Joey’s hijinx, the will they / won’t they relationship going on between Ross and Rachel, but most importantly Monica’s apartment! Don’t we all strive to have an apartment similar to Monica’s? As a young, 20-something living in New York City I know I do. It’s spacious and chic while still keeping it a little wacky.

To start, the foundation of Monica’s apartment is definitely the colors. The walls and shelves are painted in different shades of lavender, green, yellow and pink. These colors really pop. They immediately catch the eye and mix well with the various flea market buys found throughout the apartment.


Monica is a chef so she definitely spends a good amount of time in her kitchen. Everything revolves around the circular kitchen table. It’s small, which leaves a lot of room to move around but not a lot of room for a big meal with lots of guests. That’s why Monica always has a spare, giant table that she keeps, I can only assume, in her secret closet. The kitchen table is surrounded by chairs that are always mismatched, which will make the hunt for vintage chairs that much easier. The cherry on top of this flea market kitchen is the vintage refrigerator. Make sure whatever you buy is in working condition or easily fixable though!

The kitchen and living room are essentially just one big room. How do you make them feel like they are their own spaces? You can use a couch and a couple of end tables to set up a barrier without cutting out communication throughout the room. With a few more comfy chairs, a floral rug underneath and a wooden coffee table, you’ll be well on your way to making your apartment feel more like a home. Top it all off with some uniquely patterned pillows and blankets and don’t forget the giant artwork hanging over the television!

Now get searching on Krrb for vintage pieces to turn your storage space-feeling apartment into a place you actually want to come home to every night. And don’t forget the most important piece in all the apartment, the picture frame around the peephole!



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