Critical Decor — The Cozy Abode of Eastbound and Down’s Kenny Powers


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Kenny and April Powers take their living room seriously.

Kenny and April Powers take their living room seriously.

We love television as much as the next guy. But we get particularly giddy when we get to pick apart the decor in search of deeper truths. Join us as we investigate the who, what, when and especially the why of interior design drama.

If you’ve kept up with HBO’s comedic masterpiece, Eastbound and Down, you’ll know that appearance is everything to the tragic protagonist, Kenny Powers. Of course, “appearance” is completely subjective and Kenny’s sense of style is always a bit suspect. Witness last night’s episode (Season Four, Episode Five) in which we find Kenny succumbing to his lust for watercraft at the risk of losing his apparently great paying gig as a co-host on Sports Sesh.

Thankfully for Kenny, he has somehow managed to lure his high school sweetheart, the more level-headed April, into marrying him. While April’s taste might still raise eyebrows (she did marry Kenny Powers after all!) Kenny has her to thank for living in a home that is not a wall-to-wall mirrored strip club complete with poles and faux-leather La-Z-Boy recliners. Take note of the couple’s controlled aesthetic. From the overstuffed blue sofa that barely contains Kenny’s baby-sitting body-guards to the identical fall-themed art work adorning the walls, the Powers’ abode is an exercise in restraint.

This tranquil domicile is undoubtedly a tough pill for Kenny to swallow but his charm often lies in his ability to bite his tongue when it comes to matters of the heart — particularly when they concern April. Like all relationships, success comes in the form of compromise and patience, two skills April has mastered during her years with Kenny. As long as April has the run of the interior design, she is happy to allow Kenny certain luxuries like his “baby robot,” bright green sports car, surprisingly classy swimming pool and even a pet wolf.

Kenny and his robot friend.

Kenny and his robot friend.

Eastbound and Down paints a clear picture that money can’t buy you happiness or love and “success” is often a never-ending wild goose chase. While even the most well-maintained and manicured home can’t escape this truism, if April can work her organizational magic on Kenny’s wildly self-destructive psyche there may yet be a sliver of hope for this train wreck yet.


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