Craigslist Threatens Krrb Classifieds With Legal Action


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Craigslist is threatening Krrb with legal action. Craigslist claims its users do not have the right to copy their own information from Craigslist using tools such as the Krrb It button. In doing so, the user may be subject to up to a $25,000 fine.

Under the threat of litigation from Craigslist and with no admission of liability, Krrb has reluctantly elected to dismantle our Krrb It button as it applies to Craigslist.

To learn more, read Krrb founder and CEO, George Eid’s Open Letter to Craig Newmark.

If you think Craigslist should renounce its stranglehold on user content, sign the petition.

  • Diane

    I guess Craigslist is feeling a little insecure. I don’t think they have to worry, though. I’m pretty sure krrb isn’t going to have any ‘casual encounters’ categories.

  • Pogo

    I’ve never liked nor been comfortable with craigslist. They are very dishonest, do nasty things to people. Their plan to fight and sue is outrageous and unneccessary.
    Yes they should definitely stop this, be made to go away. And they never can nor will equal! They’re jealous obviously.

  • Chloe

    craigslist is a dump for illegal activity. They have become essentially useless for me. All I ever get are con artist and tire kickers when I list something there. It feels absolutely unsafe on that sight. Krrb is wonderful, and that is why craigslist feels so threatened. Everything here is so easy. Back off craigy!