[CLOSED] Come On Down Cat G, We Like You!


Clockwise, from upper left: Over-sized candle, vintage Archie Comics collection, free guest passes to the Y and a lady's coat, all available on Cat G's corner. Get 'em while they're hot.

We’ve got a whole new version of the Krrb iPhone app so we decided to celebrate with a contest and dare you all to sell everything. Some of you took the challenge quite literally. But really, there can only be one winner of the brand spanking new iPhone 4S plus 50 free Krrb credits. It wasn’t an easy task, but after sifting through all the posts and dozens of Krrb corners, we were able to choose one lucky winner.

Because of her mission to “start afresh by cleaning out her life, one underused object at a time”, her activity on the site, the quality of her goods, and for being an all around positive contribution to the Krrb community, we’re declaring Cat G the grand ol’ winner. Yay! Check out Cat’s corner and be prepared to be inspired to, quite possibly, want to sell everything!

Cat G, We Like You!

Hey Cat, keep on stayin’ fresh!

Honorable Mentions

Almost every entrant in the Krrb contest was special in some way, but there are a few that are too good not to share with you. Here is a highlight of members that are especially awesome.

Because her stories are just too good. Read the one about the Mets hats.

Because Lizzy of LUX LIFESTYLE seems to have so much fun with her style, you probably should have fun with her style too.

Because they’ve got so many varied things, it makes us want to go shopping!

Because Joelle has a nice range of stuff that still has so much life left.

Because Henry took a leap and moved to Paris, taking Krrb with him. We like your style of adventure, Henry. Bonne chance!

Man vs Baby Update

A fight to the death.

A fight to the death.

If you’ve been following the intense competition between Krrb Director, Andrew Wagner and the baby of Krrb Community Manager, Jessica Blackman to see who could sell more, then wait no more. Take a look at those cheeks, those eyes, those balled up little fists! Of course the baby won. Who is going to let a man outsell an infant. Not this community. Shout out to everyone that helped.

And a big ol’ thanks

To all those that entered and shared our contest with your friends, family and neighbors, thanks for being such a fantastic community. We’re looking forward to doing it again! And don’t forget to grab the iPhone App because it’s free and it keeps you Krrbin’ on the go!

  • An honorable mention and credits are just what I need to make up for the awful ex-boyfriend items and the memories they carry with them. (Well, maybe that’s not ALL I need. But it’s a good start.) Thanks, Krrb!

  • Yep…that poem is fantastic! In fact, I’m thinking that maybe we need to have it painted on the wall of our new Krrb corner! I am not kidding…we have the perfect white wall for it…

  • Thank you for the honourable mention! So happy to be included among such delightful folks and congrats to Cat G.

  • Awesome! Love it!

  • Cat G.

    Thank you Krrb!!! Here’s a little poem, as a token of gratitude. Corny I know, but you’re the sweetest and deserved an equally sweet thanks. :)

    Well I loved it so much, at the moment I bought it.
    Then I let it sit idle, and my eye never caught it. 
    Until one day came Krrb, and I saw it anew. 
    And found on its surface, the dust that accrued. 
    So I brushed off the cobwebs, and took a few pics,
    Made a Krrb corner, and got a few hits. 
    Neighbors came by, and some stuff was traded.
    Others were bought, and plenty donated.
    I met some great people, reunited with others.
    Brooklyn neighbors, I learned, are as friendly as brothers. 
    I didn’t do it for money, to afford that new dress. 
    My mission was simple, to just start afresh.
    Thank you Krrb!! xxCat G. PS. I voted baby. Sorry Andrew, look at that face!