Collector’s Corner — Jen Hillman and Her Buffy The Vampire Slayer Collection


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Collector's Corner — Jen Hillman and Her Buffy The Vampire Slayer Collection


Here at Krrb Classifieds we love a good collection, especially one that’s unique. From where the collection began to the most significant item, we want to know the story behind it all. So we’re reaching out to collectors everywhere to find out what they collect and why!

The impact of television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer is massive. The cult favorite show based on an early 1990’s film went on to resulted in Angel, a spinoff show and in Whedonites, the fandom community for Buffy’s writer-director Joss Whedon. But it didn’t stop there, “Buffyverse”, the fictional universe for Buffy and related stories is so vast, it includes official and unofficial books, comic books, games and other memorabilia. Print artist Jen Hillman became hooked on the show and built a collection around it.

Collector's Corner — Jen Hillman and Her Buffy The Vampire Slayer Collection


Hi Jen! When did you start collecting Buffy the Vampire Slayer items? Is there a fun story behind starting your collection?

The show started in 1997, and I didn’t watch it. In fact, I teased my mom for watching it. I’d seen the movie and knew it was corny (even for an early 1990’s film). One evening when nothing else was on I caught an episode, and I was hooked. I’ve always collected things: stickers (my collection is still kickass!), Garbage Pail Kids and Star Wars figures from when I was a kid in the 1970’s. Everything has been kept in top condition because I was an only child and treated my toys like they were gold.

What’s the rarest piece you have in your collection?
I can’t say I have anything that’s extraordinarily rare, but there is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer statue piece that I love.

Collector's Corner — Jen Hillman and Her Buffy The Vampire Slayer Collection

Jen is downsizing her collection and selling a number of items. Photo:

What did you look for when adding to your collection? Any pieces that you searched for specifically?
If there were any characters that I really liked from the show, I wanted their figures. The Gentlemen from the “Hush” episode were some of the scariest villains I had seen, so anything from that episode was necessary to own.

Where did you go to find these and what’s the most unique way you’ve obtained a piece?
The need to look around was a constant. Once when the US dollar was high I had the opportunity to travel to Australia, and I came across a comic shop there. I found a lot of great things, like Buffy pencil holder tins and oddly shaped lunch boxes, that I had to mail home because there wasn’t enough room in my luggage. I kept one of the lunch boxes because it’s just too hard to say goodbye to that part of such an exciting experience.

Did you display your collection or was it in storage?
Most of my collection was in storage, but there are a couple of pieces that beg to be displayed. They are too cool not to be!

So now you’re selling your collection on Krrb. Are there any pieces that you are going to keep for yourself?
Collecting has slowed down since starting our family, which is why I’m looking to make space in my NYC home and give Buffy and the Scoobies a new scene. However, if the Buffy 12” figure from the “Hush” episode does not find a new home, I’ll happily keep it for my kids!


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