Collector’s Corner — Grayson Garlington and His Penguins


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Here at Krrb Classifieds we love a good collection, especially one that’s unique. From where the collection began to the most significant item, we want to know the story behind it all. So we’re reaching out to collectors everywhere to find out what they collect and why!

Today, Grayson Garlington joins us to discuss his collection of Penguins, how it all started and his rarest penguin in the collection.

Why did you start collecting Penguins?

I started collecting penguins when I was about 7 years old, my parents took me to the zoo and I was enamored with these little guys waddling around and I didn’t want to check out any other animals. A year later my dad’s company at the time, had a company day at the zoo where they would bring out some animals for the kids and one was a penguin and I lost it. I got to pet a penguin and ever since then I have loved them. All the stuffed animal penguins have names.

Do you have a favorite Penguin from your collection?

My favorite penguin is the Care Bear Cousin named Cozy Heart that I got for my daughter Hannah Greer when she was born. I wanted her to keep up the tradition of collecting penguins and get her started early. My step-daughter also loves penguins. This one means the most as my daughter passed away in October of last year. So that one is always with me anytime I take a trip.


What’s the most rare Penguin from your collection?

The rarest is this little penguin ornament that I have, it’s about 30 years old, my grandmother made it for me for Christmas. As we are in the process of moving our house around a lot of my penguins are up in storage. The penguin is in circular design with a scarf and a little red hat.

What do you look for when adding Penguins to your collection?

I look for some type of quirky little things, like my Texas Penguin that I got ironically not in Texas but in Maine. His name is Tux Rux. There is no certain look, I have a pretty good memory on which ones I have and which ones I don’t have, but usually if it has a penguin on it I most likely have it haha. At any job I have had people either get me penguin ornaments or pencils, cards, cookies, anything with penguins on it and I’m happy.


What’s the most unique way you acquired a Penguin?

Well, anywhere that I have been in the U.S. or the world, I have been to 22 countries so far and counting, I try to find a penguin to take home. The most unique way I have acquired a penguin was trading a game boy color for a beanie baby Waddle the Penguin which my dad has.

Where do you store or display your collection?

Right now there are a bunch at my office and we have a nook next to our bed that has some of them but most of them are in storage as we rearrange the house this weekend.

Grayson Garlington is a third party administrator for Transamerica and he lives in a small town in Texas called Farmersville, which is outside of his hometown McKinney. He’s an avid music and sports lover especially the Detroit Tigers, Pistons, Red Wings, and Lions. He’s also a musician and plays bass and piano in a couple jazz bands in the area.


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