Collector’s Corner — Bryan Green and His Garbage Pail Kids


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Here at Krrb Classifieds we love a good collection, especially one that’s unique. From where the collection began to the most significant item, we want to know the story behind it all. So we’re reaching out to collectors everywhere to find out what they collect and why!

Today, Bryan Green joins us to discuss his collection of Garbage Pail Kids, his love of Mad Magazine and his business making Paper Foldables.

Hi Bryan. First off, why did you start collecting Garbage Pail Kids?

I started back in 1985 when they first came out and I was just a young impressionable boy in elementary school. A classmate was the first to have them and gave me “Green Jean” (#39B), since my last name was and still is, Green. Something in me burst (metaphorically) and I became obsessed with these. I would salivate when I saw them in stores for 25¢ a pack. Garbage Pail Kids, and then later, Mad Magazine, sparked everything in my chemistry alive that made me want to become a cartoonist. I was obsessive over collecting these as a kid. I had to collect each series complete, trading with friends or doing whatever I had to do to get that missing card for my set. So my whole life was Garbage Pail Kids from like 2nd to 4th grade! I originally collected the 1st-10th or so series and then I got burnt out and graduated to baseball cards.

I got obsessed all over again and ended up getting a bunch of boxes over time that I saw online going for cheap!

In the year 2000, I started a career as an illustrator, got to thinking about Garbage Pail Kids again and then discovered eBay. So I started bidding on original wax boxes of Garbage Pail Kids, thinking a box on display in my apartment would look cool! Then I got obsessed all over again and ended up getting a bunch of boxes over time that I saw online going for cheap! Now I got a whole big set up of boxes on display, giving out packs to anyone who stops by!

What’s the rarest Garbage Pail Kids item from your collection?

I have some original art from the artists behind Garbage Pail Kids, including original pencil line art for “Moe Skeeto/Sting Ray” (#179) by John Pound and comic artwork used on the backs of the cards. These are all framed and hung.


Which Garbage Pail Kids item has the most significance to you and why?

I think my original 1st series set is the most near and dear to me. I have all my original sets from childhood together in protective plastic cases…I call this my “private stash”. I like to take ’em out every now and then, go thru them and get transported back to being a kid! They still make me laugh…mad nostalgia with me and Garbage Pail Kids! But the 1st Series is very special. Great stuff!

What do you look for when adding Garbage Pail Kids items to your collection?

I’m not really actively LOOKING for Garbage Pail Kids stuff, but if I happen to see something I can’t live without, then we’ll see what happens. Most recently I got a very practical GPK pencil case!


Where do you go to find Garbage Pail Kids and what’s the most unique way you’ve obtained an item?

Most often, eBay but sometimes you can find them at flea markets and stuff. There’s a store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, called PopFuzz that also sells lots of old cards and toys. I got a wax box of Howard the Duck movie cards last time I was there. As far as a unique way I’ve obtained an item, nothing really out of the ordinary. One memory I have from back in the day was when my family went to the dairy after church to get milk. My mom went in and my brother and I waited in the car with dad. This was a place I knew they sold Garbage Pail Kids. Slyly, I asked to go in after mom. I got permission from dad, but with the explicit order NOT to buy any Garbage Pail Kids. I went in and there they were…and right on top was a pack I could see thru and saw there was a card I needed for one of my sets! I quickly bought it with the church offering quarter I never gave to Jesus. I got caught and was grounded for the rest of the day, but it was worth it.

Where do you store or display your collection?

I have everything set up right in my entrance hall…all those boxes set up and art on the wall. It’s an “installation piece”.


Bryan lives in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn and works full-time as a designer at a website (run by Andrew Shue from Melrose Place). He also has a little side-business designing Paper Foldables™ paper craft toys you can download, print and assemble. He gets a lot of cool video game and cartoon commissions! Besides making loot, Bryan doodles, plays ping pong and goes to Nets games.


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