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We take our tagline “Be Neighborly” quite seriously. That’s why we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite NYC neighbors to give you the finest hyperlocal classifieds dedicated to people who are serious about their furniture and homes. Introducing (drumroll please) the new Apartment Therapy Classifieds powered by Krrb.

Experience Krrb in all its neighborly glory within the context of the Apartment Therapy website and community. The new Apartment Therapy Classifieds has all of the ease and functionality of that you’ve grown to know, love and caress gently to sleep each night (we like it when you do that) while maintaining the Apartment Therapy aesthetic and voice that has made it one of the most popular home design websites in the world.

“YES! The Apartment Therapy Classifieds are now powered by Krrb. Love it when two brands I love team up” — Swissmiss

This partnership enables us to bring you some of the best vintage finds – online and off. Just like Krrb, you can see what’s right next door! And with the insane cost (and hassle) of shipping a piece of furniture cross-country… right next door is exactly what the doctor ordered. Of course if you’re feeling crazy, go ahead and search the world over with a flick of a finger – a most epic exploration of the vintage universe.

How It Works

Apartment Therapy Classifieds powered by Krrb

The new curated classifieds homepage. It's a sight to behold!

It’s easy, of course! Sign in to the Apartment Therapy Classifieds with your account email and password (or via Facebook). If you’re not already a Krrb member (really?), you can sign up directly on the Apartment Therapy Classifieds. All your Apartment Therapy posts will also appear on – an absolutely seamless experience. And best of all, Apartment Therapy will be doing daily editorial roundups featuring the best of your listings.

You can sell anything related to home and furniture including vintage, antiques, art, design, secondhand and handmade. If you’d like to post other stuff, please do so on You can even manage your Apartment Therapy posts from It’s smart that way.

Just remember, while Krrb is gloriously uncurated, Apartment Therapy is fabulously curated by their expert staff and if your posts ain’t up to snuff, they may remove them from Apartment Therapy. But don’t sweat it, they will still appear on as long as they abide by our posting policies and don’t fall under our restricted or prohibited items. No matter what, you can rest assured that both Krrb and Apartment Therapy will always love you dearly, sincerely and oh so neighborly.

Feedback Please!!!

This marks a new phase for Krrb as we partner with our favorite neighborly brands to spread the love. We hope you find this new partnership a lovely and natural progression for Krrb. Please comment below with your feedback, thoughts, ideas, etc.. We want to know, just don’t be a jrrk!

If you’re having trouble for any reason, contact support and we’ll take care of it in a jiffy! Our support staff can offer website help, best practices, advice and dating tips.

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