City Tour — Elizabeth Stone of Stix + Stonez Shares Her Boston Inspiration



We’ve recently had the pleasure of chatting with Elizabeth Stone, interior designer and founder of the blog Stix-and-Stonez. She’s about to move into her Beacon Hill apartment in Boston and we cannot wait to see how she makes her new space and neighborhood home! We had the chance to catch up with her before the move and see where she’s getting her inspiration from in the beautiful city of Boston!

What is your favorite thing about living in Boston? Where do you find you’re most inspired in the city?
Boston is the perfectly sized city for me, especially at this stage in my life. I love that it’s not too big (like New York City) and not too small. I like that you can explore completely different neighborhoods in the same day. I can have coffee at Thinking Cup on Newbury Street and meet someone in the South End for lunch.

I couldn’t tell you only one place that I feel most inspired because inspiration is everywhere. Walking around and going into small shops and galleries always gets the creative juices flowing. The South End and Beacon Hill are great for design inspiration and a sense of history. It’s easy to discover new nooks and crannies all around the city which I love.



Do you have any favorite vintage spots in the city? If so, do tell! Anything worth noting that you’ve found in one of these stores?
I actually haven’t officially moved into the city yet, but I’m moving in this fall and super excited to get the chance to explore more of the vintage scene. The past year I have been living at home in Concord (got to save on those bills!) which has given me a chance to explore many of the vintage spots in the greater Boston area.

Twice a year I attend the Brimfield Antique Show, the massive flea market in Western Massachusetts (and have blogged about it here, here and here). Some of my all-time favorite things I’ve snagged there include an old navajo turquoise bracelet, and a little French apple print. I also love Ramble Market in Waltham for their wide selection of antique furniture. In Concord, A New Leaf, Thoreauly Antiques and Nesting on Main are great sources for vintage finds.

In Boston, I often venture to SoWa on Sundays (especially the vintage/antique section inside) and also frequent The Closet and Garment District for vintage clothing.



Where do you source your inspiration when designing an interior?
Pinterest and Instagram are huge sources for me. I’m always scrolling through my Instagram feed (@stixandstonez?auto=format?auto=format?auto=format) which is full of interior designers, fashionistas and creators and I go on Pinterest more than I’d like to admit. I also visit other design blogs daily for a fresh dose of inspiration.

More than online resources, nothing compares to traveling to a new place and experiencing the area’s architecture, culture, design and people. I love attending flea markets and ducking in small boutiques everywhere I travel and drawing inspiration from different textiles, materials, and more to incorporate into an interior.

How would you describe your personal interior design style?
That’s a tough one. My style is always evolving and changing, especially as I’ve matured and learned more about interior design. Two words that have held true throughout are colorful and eclectic. I love mixing modern and vintage pieces as well as different styles in order to create a layered interior. To me, an interior should look as though it has been growing over time, developing and changing, rather than appear to be all done in one fell sweep. I love classic items but also those that are a little bit more funky and add character to a space.



Any favorite local, Boston-based designers or makers?
Too many to list them all! Boston is filled with awesome designers and makers which is part of why I love this city. I have learned about more awesome creators in the past year than I ever thought possible. I work for Kate Maloney Interior Design and am always inspired by my coworkers and the work we do. I also love the work of Liz Caan Interiors, Mally Skok and Annsley Interiors. They are all colorful and fun, yet classic designers.

What are your favorite blogs? Any that you can’t go a day without reading?
I have a massive list of blogs I read every day. I save any blogs I find and love to a folder in my bookmarks bar so I can read them with my coffee every morning. Some of those I can’t go a day without include: Cupcakes and Cashmere, A Cup of Jo, Little Green Notebook, Miss Moss, The Londoner and Amber Interiors.



What would a perfect day in Boston be for you?
My perfect day starts with waking up early (okay, really 9am), walking to a local cafe like Tatte and grabbing a cappuccino and breakfast where I can finalize the day’s post and work on the rest for the week. I always have a list of stores, galleries, museums, bakeries that I’ve heard good things about and want to check out for the blog. The afternoon would be spent walking around a neighborhood, trying to hit a few of the spots on my list and taking loads of photos. I’d finish up the day with a nice glass of wine, dinner with friends and maybe a movie in Kendall Square.

Anything else you want our readers to know about you?
1. I was an art major in school so I draw a lot of inspiration from materials, color, texture and other artists. It also taught me the importance of the composition of a space.

2. I am in love with France (especially Paris). I spent a year studying there in school and I’m itching to go back. We’ll always have Paris as they say.

3. I live for the hunt, finding a hidden treasure amongst a pile of vintage stuff is so satisfying. More importantly, finding pieces that have meaning and a story behind where I got them.

  • Chrissy

    Thanks Julie! We love getting the chance to talk to interesting and inspiring people, so we’re glad you enjoyed reading about Elizabeth! What city are you moving to?!

  • Julie

    As a fellow millennial, I thought this was a great blog post. It’s nice to have some advice as I too make my move into the city for the first time!