Chatting with Amy Cuevas Schroeder about Speed Connecting in New York City


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Amy Cuevas Schroeder hosting a DIY Together Beta Group meeting. This photo is by Seth Kushner.

Amy Cuevas Schroeder hosting a DIY Together Beta Group meeting. Photo by Seth Kushner.

Being neighborly is about connection. And how wonderful is it to connect with someone who has your same interest in say, urban gardening or BBQing weird things? We think it’s pretty good. And important. Especially when connection feeds the collaborative spirit that many of us possess. But where we all want to connect and collaborate and be neighborly, we may not always know the best way to do that. How do you find the person that completes the puzzle to your next business idea, blog or community project? Amy and the DIY Business Association has the solution to make it easy for us to find our kindred spirits. Thank goodness.

Amy is the Founder/CEO of DIY Business Association & DIYTogether, and she is focused on helping actualize collaborative entrepreneurship. That’s pretty nice of her, isn’t it? Their next event takes place on March 28th in New York City and will connect people in media, technology, marketing, design & business development. Do you have some things on your mind you’re looking to get off the ground but want to find some people to bring the right energy and skills to the project? Come on down and meet your neighbors. Because it takes a community to do it yourself.

An Interview with Amy

Amy getting to business.

Amy getting to business.

So Amy, what is Speed Connecting anyway?

Speed Connecting is the future of networking.

We created Speed Connecting as a sort of experiment, because we’re developing best practices for connecting talented people whose skill sets may be opposite but complementary.

The mission of DIY Together Speed Connecting NYC is to get collaboration started. There’s a lot of talk and buzz about collaboration right now, and we’re here to light a fire under its butt.

We’re developing the DIY Together movement, which is all about collaborative entrepreneurship. Behind the scenes, we’re creating cool ways to bring people together to start businesses, collaborate on projects, trade services and hire one another. In September and October, we’re organizing the DIY Together Tour of conferences in New York, Chicago, Portland, Boston, Austin and San Francisco.

Join us!

Join us!

How is it similar to speed dating, if at all?

Speed Connecting is similar to Speed Dating in that there’s no messing around. You get to meet as many amazing people as possible in one evening, and we take care of the logistical guesswork.

DIY Together Speed Connecting NYC is curated for busy people. It’s designed to connect talented, curious, collaboration-oriented professionals with other talented, curious, collaboration-oriented professionals.

In other words, apathetic, separatist non-professionals will not be in attendance.

So who’s going to be there?

We couldn’t do DIY Together Speed Connecting without our Collaborators, which are New York organizations that serve highly skilled professionals, including:

New York Tech Meetup: They have something like 21,000-plus New York technologists (web and app developers, etc.) in their network.

Freelancers Union: These people are no joke. They advocate for some of New York’s most talented self-employed creatives, including designers and writers.

Loosecubes: The go-to source for finding co-working spaces—aka, these people bring in a lot of techies and entrepreneurs.

New York Foundation for the Arts: One of the country’s leading arts organizations, NYFA is all about the Artist Entrepreneur and helps artists find funding.

Krrb: Your people are all about being neighborly, hyper-local and resourceful.

DIY Business Association: Our community is filled with creative micro businesses—people who want to work with other creative micro businesses to grow their businesses together.

Business cards from  DIY Business Association Conference in 2011. Photo:

Business cards from DIY Business Association Conference in 2011. Photo:

Is it too forward to bring business cards and ask for second meetings?
BRING YOUR BUSINESS CARDS! We highly recommend this. We’re hoping that people follow up with each other, and make the creative/entrepreneurial magic happen.

And finally, will I find the love of my life?

Ha! You never know. It’s funny—we designed Speed Connecting for professional purposes, but a handful of people have asked about the romance factor. So I guess I’ll say this: We hope you meet your future business partner, a cool collaborator, a lead to your next freelance gig or the muse for the next big thing in business.

Thanks Amy!

Grab your tickets today. Enter “krrb” to get $5 bucks off!


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