Cash Mob — Show Some Neighborly Love Today in Brooklyn, New York


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You gotta show your local businesses some love. Photo:

You gotta show your local businesses some love. Photo:

Nothing shows neighborly love like supporting the local business community. The simple act of buying from the store down the street builds community bonds with the merchants behind the wares. It’s why Krrb has teamed with Accion and their Microfinance Council for a cash mob event at By Brooklyn this evening. Located in Carroll Gardens, By Brooklyn sells items only made in the borough. Join us at 6:30 tonight (look for our cute Krrb bags!) and demonstrate that there is strength in numbers when it comes to supporting the local economy.

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By Brooklyn
Located at 261 Smith St., Brooklyn, New York 11231
Event starts as 6:30. After the cash mob, there is a happy hour at Bar Great Harry, located at 280 Smith Street in Brooklyn. The back room reserved for the group.