Capsule Wardrobe Tours— Vloggers Share Their Minimalist Closets


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Capsule Wardrobe Tours— Vloggers Share Their Minimalist Closets


Longtime followers of the Krrb Blog know that we advocate buying less, buying used, and buying quality over quantity. In the past I’ve shared personal lessons on how to re-define your personal style by buying fewer items, but what are the benefits of paring down your closet to a minimalist wardrobe? Fashion vloggers around the world have taken to the incredibly freeing idea of the capsule wardrobe. Where minimalist attire made up from essential clothing pieces (often ethically sourced) can be used in a multitude of outfits or occasions. No trends or fads seen here. Only versatile quality clothes that take up less space and actually cost you less in the long run than fast fashion items.

You can find capsule wardrobes ranging from 10 to 40 pieces (that’s including shoes and accessories), but what they all have in common is that they work for the wearer. Originally coined in the 1970’s by boutique owner Susie Faux, a capsule wardrobe was designed to streamline your closet and in turn simplify your life. This can only accomplished if your clothing needs are met within the small amount of clothes. The key is to learn what clothing staples are necessary for your life. Take a look at some vloggers who are minimizing their closet, but maximizing their worth.

Conor McMillen

In many ways Conor McMillen, from Thriving Minimalist, is the ultimate minimalist. His wardrobe consists of only 10 articles of clothing, and yes, that’s counting his one pair of shoes and socks. Since swapping out his standard American diet for fresh raw foods in 2014, Conor has been on a path to find the most authentic expression of himself and documenting it on Youtube. This involves removing all unnecessary attachments towards things and strengthening his connections with other people.

Comrade Melody

Hawaii-born vlogger Melody, of More Melody, is a real-time court reporter who uses her professional capsule wardrobe to save time, money and space. She fills her closet with classic pieces in neutral colors and opts to vary her hairstyle and makeup to change up her look. Melody shows that you can easily enter the workforce with only 10 outfits consisting of five tops and two bottoms.

Nina Altenberger

Also known as The Minimalist Ninja, Nina has been living as a minimalist for over two and a half years and hasn’t looked back! After volunteering at a local thrift store and watching the popular documentary “The True Cost”, Nina decided to not participate in the fast fashion industry and only purchase clothing secondhand. She keeps her wardrobe minimal by shopping only two times a year and practicing a zero-waste lifestyle.

Brittney Stone

The 19-year old fashion blogger behind the popular YouTube channel House of Aesthetics, Brittney Stone considers herself to be a “budding minimalist” and is no stranger to the capsule wardrobe. Brittney keeps her small wardrobe organized by only purchasing clothing that fits the monochromatic style that she loves, proving that simple doesn’t mean boring. Check out her video on how to start living minimally and save money.

Mat Dubé and Danielle Chabassol

What do you get when two “minimalist nomads” start a Youtube channel about their long-term traveling? The perfect resource for learning how to travel light but still satisfy all your clothing needs. The Youtube channel, Exploring Alternatives, shows couple Mat and Danielle’s adventures around the globe meeting other minimalists and alternative thinkers. Mat’s ability to pack only a fraction of clothing most people take on vacation is only the tip of the iceberg. You can also follow this couple along on their Exploring Alternatives blog.

Do these vloggers inspire you to pare down your closet and focus on what’s important? Let us know in the comments below if you feel the need to upgrade to a capsule wardrobe!


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