Budget Vs. Splurge — Patio Update


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Outdoor space is an extension of the home. Perhaps you use it to entertain friends and family or as a solitary retreat. In any case, the right furnishings can make all the difference. We’ve pulled together two looks made up of secondhand and vintage finds on Krrb. Use our inspiration boards to create your own outdoor escape whether you want it spend-thrifty or luxurious.

$300 patio update

Budget Patio Update

Budget Patio Update by krrb-classifieds on Polyvore

If you don’t have a lot to spend on a patio update, pick a small number of areas to focus on. For a total of less than $300, you can get seating, plants and lighting. Pieces made of wood and metal create a rustic and industrial look. At just $60 each, you can pick up a few of these simple egg crate seats. There are plenty of planters throughout Krrb for less than $100, like this galvanized tub or this wooden box. A handful of sellers had lamps and string lights for less than $50. I would use any extra money to pick up succulents and wildflower seeds for a green, urban-industrial patio look.

$3000 patio update

Patio Update Splurge

Patio Update Splurge by krrb-classifieds on Polyvore

Just like the rooms of your home, a patio should have a variety of seating. These Fibrella lounge chaises give any outdoor space a Palm Springs vibe with its pop of color. An external standing fireplace is an investment but it really keeps an outdoor space in use most of the year. A Cypress wood and steel patio table withstands the elements, also serving as a place to gather around for al fresco meals. Round out these staples with some industrial storage and sculptural garden decor.


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