Brooklyn Batched — Local Foodies/Guilty Pleasures


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The creative food scene in Brooklyn has whet the appetite of people all over the world, inspiring artisanal bakeries, brineries and an emerging food truck movement in Paris dedicated to the borough. Little Duck Organics, an all-natural baby food company has gathered the region’s finest small-batch food purveyors around the proverbial dinner table. Brooklyn Batched consists of over 30 local businesses that focus on organic foods, green production methods, and sustainability. The growing community meets monthly to break (gluten-free) bread and network. We know these small businesses are popularizing the small-batch food movement but we’re curious if they’re eating what they’re serving. We attended their first meet-up last month in Greenpoint and got a little personal. Watch our video and find out what guilty pleasures (preservative-ridden or not) they have hiding in their pantries.


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