In The News! — Brooke Williams, Making 40 and a Whole Bunch of Other Stuff Fantastic


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Brooke Williams with her daughter

Brooke Williams with her three year old daughter. Photo courtesy of, shot by Kava Gorner,

Our lovely Executive Editor, Brooke Williams was recently honored as one of four woman doing so many things right on everyone’s favorite fashion blog, Refinery29. Work it, Brooke!

Check out the article and on your way, have a read on her blog, This Is Authentic and check out her Krrb corner at for an often changing selection of gently-used kids stuff and fashion finds she hesitates to part with.

  • ilook

    You’re 40? Oh good; that means I can recalculate! I actually think you’re timeless, Brooke, and I can tell Ada does too by the adoring look! xxx, ilook

  • llr

    Love it, you are looking fabulous — inside and out.

  • Rbjinc

    Inspiring beauty, fantastic style…and it does keep getting better. Very well put. xo-Rebekah

  • Fan

    Love the blog. Looking forward to seeing what she does with radio!

  • UI

    That is to say where did the time go……where the letter “t” did, I guess.:-)

  • UI

    Just as fantastic now as then. Where did he time go?

  • Gotten lots of compliments on those shoes, actually. They are by and from A Detacher– and comfortable, too!

  • Josh

    Yes. I am completely biased.
    But c’mon.
    Cuteness galore.

  • Dustyriverside

    Wow- gorgeous for any age, though I think her daughter the best accessory.
    Where did you get those grey shoes? Love.