Brain Teasers Re-imagined as Jewelry


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Brain Teasers Re-imagined as Jewelry


The words elegant and fun are not often paired together, except when it comes to jewelry that is crafted with a puzzler in mind. Imagine taking advantage of the magical sleight-of-hand found in physical puzzles and applying that to a necklace, ring or bracelet. What you are left with is the same fascination and wonderment, but in a more stylish package. If you loved solving puzzles and figuring out brain teasers as a child, check out this round up of puzzle jewelry, complete with assembly videos.

Celtic Knot Puzzle Ring

The Celtic knot puzzle ring looks like a traditional piece of jewelry, however when it is not worn, this puzzle ring literally falls apart into separate strands. When placed in the correct formation, these strands interlock to create a strong ring with the unique Celtic design. Perfect for ring wearers who appreciate the ephemeral and challenging nature of puzzle solving, this ring is both fun to play with and interesting to look at. You can find this style of ring many places but we like PuzzleRingMaker who also uses influences from Turkish puzzle rings.

Wishbone Necklace

If you are in the market for an elegant ring holder, look no further than the Wishbone Necklace. This necklace secures your ring magically without having to remove the necklace due to the unique hourglass shape of the pendant. The Wishbone necklace works because your ring rests safely on the narrowest part of the pendant and is unable to pass through the widest part without being guided by hand. Part puzzle, part ingenuity, this necklace takes a simple idea and improves upon it.

Ring Bracelet

This prototype, created by a puzzle enthusiast, is a transformative piece of jewelry that with a few simple moves converts from a ring into a bracelet. Based on a ten circle design, this ring bracelet is able to be re-constructed because of the particular weave pattern. Pick up your own 3D printed plastic ring bracelet and show off your puzzle-solving skills to all of your friends!

Would you wear jewelry that doubles as a puzzle? Let us know why in the comments!


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