Black Friday – Five Ideas To Skip The Lines


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Black Friday – Five Ideas To Skip The Lines

Shoppers waiting pre-dawn to start their holiday shopping on Black Friday. Photo:

There are a lot of ways that you can participate in the launch of gifting season without standing on long lines at huge stores. For a few decades now, the day after Thanksgiving has gleefully (or notoriously, depending on how you look at it) been the start of the holiday shopping season. Huge sales inspire thousands of Americans to wake up at the crack of dawn and take advantage of deep discounts and to get into the holiday season. But in case you’re still working off that Turkey hangover, there are ways you can participate in this gifting season without the early wake up call and the crowds.

Buy From Your Neighbors

Whether through or less formal methods of buying, selling and trading, find out what your neighbors have for sale first. You never know – they could have that exact lamp, pillow, or pair of handmade earrings you’ve been looking for.

Spend The Time Making A Gift

Everyone loves a good craft session. Break out the supplies and pour your creatively and love into a homemade present. A painting, poem or pie would be amazingly appreciated by your friends, family and neighbors.

Go Local

Small shops mean small lines. And the little ones are still going to offer their customers great deals because they too want to benefit from the jumpstart to the economy that Black Friday achieves. In fact, Small Business Saturday, an initiative of American Express, is an alternative to Black Friday and Cyber Monday (the online version of Black Friday) which disproportionately aids big box stores and corporations.

Declutter Instead

Instead of shopping, spend time decluttering. It’s literally the exact opposite of bringing new stuff into your house. Sometimes you need to create some new space before bringing in anything else. There are tons of tips for decluttering but a simple rule of thumb is if you bring something in, take something out.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Take advantage of the biggest shopping day of the year and sell sell sell. Post to Krrb, tell your friends, have a stoop sale, post fliers. There are people in the market for what you have. Check out some tips for selling your secondhand stuff from Apartment Therapy.


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