[CLOSED] Big Sale – Double Your Fun on Krrb with Double the Credits

Double credits sale on Krrb

Scrooge McDuck doubles his fun with double credits on Krrb.

For one week only (October 10th through the 17th) we’ll double any credit package you purchase for absolutely nothing! Holy guacamole, this two-for-one deal is too good to pass up! Time to stock up for the holidays!

If you’re already a member of Krrb, you probably know that credits are the currency of Krrb.com. Credits are used for publishing and promoting listings. So for example, if you have ten credits, you can publish ten listings or publish one and promote it nine times. EZ-PZ!

You can also earn credits for free and we’ve recently introduced more ways to do so. However if you purchase credits, we will certify your account. Certified members help create a more neighborly environment with less static and fewer scams. Becoming certified also opens up other seller features such as Delivery Options and Free Google Adwords.

So get yourself some credits while the gettin’s good and get yourself certified, it’s the right thing to do!


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