[CLOSED] Bethany Johnson of Chicago, Come on Down! You’ve Just Won a $1,000!


Bethany Johnson, c'mon down!

So, maybe you heard about Krrb and Apartment Therapy’s $1,000 Shopping Spree that just recently ended? Maybe you entered and dreamed nightly of what you’d do with some cold hard cash to spend on some seriously sweet secondhand finds? Unfortunately those dreams were shattered when we announced that Bethany Johnson of Mid Century Reading in Chicago had taken home the grand prize. But that doesn’t mean we can’t live vicariously through Bethany and her excellent taste! But before we delve into Bethany’s finds from the Krrb and Apartment Therapy Classifieds let’s take a moment to get to know this lucky taste-maker from Chicago’s Buena Park neighborhood.

Bethany has been called “an old soul” but she prefers to think she simply has a deep appreciation for well designed objects. We’d tend to agree based on some of the finds on her Krrb corner, including Breuer chairs and even a Panton S chair. Aside from lovin’ on Mid Century vintage finds, she’s also a Chicago History buff but you know, really those two are one in the same.

Not only is Bethany one cool cat, she'll sell you one too - like this groovy wall hanging!

So now that you’ve got a sense of Bethany’s style you can take a guess at how she’s gonna be spending those greenbacks. If you don’t like to play the guessing game, never fear, we’ll be revealing Bethany’s selects next week. And, on top of that, since this is the contest that keeps on giving, we’ll be revealing the five runner ups in the coming weeks as well. That’s right, five lucky folks will be selected by our friends at Apartment Therapy to have their corners and stylish taste shared with the world! Well, the Apartment Therapy community anyway. But that’s pretty much the world so…right on!

Congrats again Bethany! We can’t wait to see what you pick!


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