Be Merry — 3 Tips to Staying Stress Free during the Holiday Season


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A tangled ball of Christmas lights

The holiday season is a whirlwind of events, to-do lists and obligations. Don’t fall prey to the hustle and bustle. Here are three tips to keeping this season full of cheer and merriment.

Stay Local

Forget heading to grandmother’s house over the river and through the woods. This year, stay close to home. Make that your mantra. From shopping locally to enjoying community festivities to avoiding the airport, you’re less likely to be overwhelmed when you can enjoy the destination without working about the journey. So unpack and take a load off.

Cut Out the Noise

If your social calendar is crammed with end of the year parties and gatherings, it’s time to pull the plug. Pick one or two events to attend this season. With less on your plate, you can take the time to enjoy seeing friends and family. Remember that it’s not about quantity but quality. Spending some peaceful and calm time with those you really want to see this season. You can see those other folks in the new year!

Stay in the Spirit

Ti’s easy to get caught up in your shopping list and holiday sales. Will Aunt Judy want another turtleneck and did you give Dad slippers last year? Take a deep breath, put down the list and shop from instinct instead. It’s never about the gift but rather the act of giving. So give your loved ones what comes to mind when you think of them. Maybe it’s really Dad’s favorite tea you’ll be wrapping up this year or baked treats for your friends. Either way, when it comes from the heart, it will mean twice as much to your recipient.


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