Back In The Day – Museum Of Obsolete Objects


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Although most of us remember the days before everything went digital and online and social, not everyone has affectionate memories of typewriters, 35 millimeters and Speak-and-Spell. And as we continue to progress, the group that never waited for the dial will continue to grow. In an effort to document such analog methods, the agency, Jungv.Matt/next created The Museum Of Obsolete Objects, a collection of videos demonstrating the purpose of things we used before our phones were our cameras, when records played our music and sliding beads allowed us to do quick calculations.

We’ve picked out our three favorite videos from The Museum Of Obsolete Objects so sit back and take a tour of back in the day.

The Mechanical Egg Beater

The mechanical egg beater has been replaced by 125 watts and 5-speeds of ultimate beating power. Poor eggs don’t stand a chance.

Pro: Hands free! Or, at least, hand free.
Con: Loss of arm work out, extra use of electricity.

The Abacus

The abacus has been replaced with any smart phone or computer and for a while, the calculator which ended in it’s own demise. But with 587 years as the primary math tool, it had a good long run though.

Pro: Multiply 38 x 426 on the go! (It’s 16,188 by the way.)
Con: No digital replacement is as cool looking as a free-standing mechanism of horizontal sticks with painted beads.

The Cassette

The cassette was replaced with CDs which ended up being mostly replaced by MP3s. Perhaps in a couple of years, the CD will have it’s own video in The Museum Of Obsolete Objects.

Pro: No more tangles or wobbly voices from over-use.
Con: The effort of putting together a mixtape has been removed rendering the act of making your crush a mixtape less noteworthy. (Need a solution to that conundrum?)

For more videos, visit The Museum Of Obsolete Objects.

Let’s Pretend

Let’s pretend you’re awesome at making videos. What would you document before it became, or becomes, obsolete? I’ll go first. I would do the Ghetto Blaster.

  • How about the washboard?

  • How about the washboard?

  • I would do the rotary phone!

    I would have also said the Polaroid camera, but the film is making a comeback (halleluiah!)