Art vs. Craft – Super Special Saturday is Fast Approaching…


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Art vs. Craft

Get ready for Super Special Saturday!

The holiday shopping season is about to begin in full force. But please, sleep in on Black Friday and save your strength for Super Special Saturday when Faythe Levine’s 8th Annual Art vs. Craft opens its doors at 10:00 a.m. With over 100 emerging and established makers selling hand-made goods ranging in price from $1 to $250 there will be, without a doubt, a gift for you to grab for your sweetie (or auntie or uncle, sister, bestie…whatever!).

We spoke with Faythe last week about some of her favorite work that will be at the show and today we’d like to share a few more of her picks. Be sure to tune in Friday (from bed) when we will give you another sneak peek at the Holiday Shopping Kick-0ff—Super Special Saturday!

Kristopher Pollard

Kristopher Pollard

Kristopher Pollard's "MC #6 - Alpha Fo Fum"

Kristopher Pollard’s Facebook description of his efforts seem apt: “I’ll draw the crap outta you.” His color and black and white drawings capture popular culture at its most rugged, raw, and wild. Mix in a light-natured sensibility and you’ve got a perfect gift for almost anyone.

Find Kristopher Pollard on his site.

Madam Chino

Madamchino: Murals for the masses...

Madam Chino: Murals for the masses. Wcap Hero Mural in progress...

Vanessa Andrew (AKA Madam Chino) specializes in shaking things up through collage, drawing, painting and all manner of artistic exploration. Pick up a piece by Madam Chino and you’ll be talking about more than meets the eye for months.

Find Madamchino on his site.

Matty Cipov

Hang In There by Matt Cipov

"Hang in There." Who doesn't love sloths?

Matty Cipov’s posters are a fantastic combination of stop-in-your tracks, eye-popping,  hopeful visages of color, and dark imagery that keeps you thinking. Printed on 80 pound, acid-free cardstock a Cipov will have a long life wherever it ends up.

Find Matty Cipov on his site.

Little Friends of Printmaking


The Little Friends of Printmaking bring their A Game to events far and wide

The Little Friends of Printmaking have been blessing the world with their ink and paper prints for years now. Stop by their booth on Saturday and see what new, limited edition gems (like the above) they have for you. We guarantee that if you give the gift of The Little Friends you’ll make someone’s day. And by that we mean make them really, really happy, happy—not like Dirty Harry made people’s day, thankfully.

Find Little Friends of Printmaking on their site.

There’s More Where That Came From

Don’t forget to check out Krrb for more of the amazing vendors featured at Art vs. Craft and please, remember: Sleep in on Black Friday and get good and rested for Super Special Saturday!


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