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Apartment Therapy Classifieds Powered by Krrb

As the saying goes, home is where the heart is… and we heart furniture. What’s a home without furniture? A cave, that’s what. And who really wants to live in a cave anymore? Sure they were chic for centuries but times have changed and your chairs have come to define you as much as the clothes you wear. If clothes make the person, furniture makes the home.

Since the dawn of Krrb, we’ve had scavenger visions of local listings filled with fabulous furniture that we can rummage through, find personal gems and take home for our own. And not just any local listing, but a Krrb listing showing furniture for sale right next door – cause who wants to lug a mid century modern credenza across town, let alone across the country.

That vision has come to fruition (love it when I can use that word). Back in May we launched the Krrb Classifieds Network, which allows you to experience Krrb in all its glory within the context of your favorite websites. We like to think of Krrb as a gloriously uncurated experience, however our partner websites will be fabulously curated, within an environment of like-minded buyers and sellers.

And if you’ve been paying attention (ahem), you may already know that our inaugural partner is Apartment Therapy, featuring Krrbicious goodness on the world’s premiere home and design website. The Apartment Therapy Classifieds gives you the finest hyperlocal, mega global classifieds dedicated to people who are serious about their furniture and homes.

With Apartment Therapy’s design savvy crowd anxious to buy, sell, and trade their gently used and vintage wares with the world, Krrb was quickly populated with finds straight out of the pages of Apartmento, Elle Decor, and Dwell. Creating a listing on Apartment Therapy is simple and automatically spreads your news to the wilds of Krrb, doubling your exposure at the drop of a hat.

How it works

Well, er, it just does! We are excited to report that as of today, you can now list on Apartment Therapy directly from Krrb.com by creating a post and checking “Publish also to Apartment Therapy”. Or you can sign into the Apartment Therapy Classifieds with your Krrb account and your posts will also appear on Krrb.com — an absolutely seamless experience.

What’s so great about this, you ask? A lot! Apartment Therapy has approximately 10 million unique visitors to their site a month. Combine that with Krrb’s millions of page views a month and that’s a whole lot of eyeballs on your stuff – from two trusted sources. And best of all, Apartment Therapy will be doing daily editorial roundups featuring the best of your listings – every morning and afternoon!

What’s for sale?

On Apartment Therapy, you can sell anything related to home and furniture including vintage, antiques, art, design, secondhand and handmade. If you’d like to post other stuff, please do so on Krrb.com — you can sign in with the same account.

Please only list good, solid furniture. No particle board or cheap, worn, post college hand-me-downs. In order to maintain a high standard, Apartment Therapy reserves the right to remove ANY post at ANY time, if they feel it is simply not following the rules. If they remove your post, it will still be listed on Krrb.com, unless of course, we also choose to remove it.

So what are you waiting for. Jump on Krrb.com or Apartment Therapy Classifieds right now and spread the love. It’s fast, easy, and just plain good.

Get featured on Apartment Therapy

If you have amazing items for sale and want to be featured on the Apartment Therapy website, get in touch with us at hello [at] krrb.com. Just make sure that your photos are beautiful, your profile is complete (with photo) and you have at least (5) active listings.

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  • I also believe the saying that where is home there heart is. so where your heart will that home should be take cared by you best so you should follow the home therapy .

  • Thanks June! Looking forward to seeing your stuff on Krrb and Apartment Therapy!

  • June Langley

    What a fantastic idea. I have been anxious to redesign our home since our recent move. Our old stuff is beautiful, but simply does not fit into the environment I am planning for this house. It would be great to sell some of it since it is still in mint condition. Also, my mother makes the most gorgeous handcrafted items for the family and should try to sell a few of them.