Air Plant Holders Roundup


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When I first found out I was moving to New York, I did two things: explored the terrifying “roommate wanted” online community, and ordered a glass air plant holder. Less space means less stuff, so I knew there were no giant potted plants in my future. I’ve since found a trustworthy place to call home, and that little plant is loving life next to my bed.

The beauty of air plants and succulents is that they require very little care, and add a nice touch of green to your interiors. Air plants attach their roots to things like shrubs and rocks, and thrive in bright, indirect light (even the indoor kind), so they work in a variety of environments.

I found some of my favorite air plant holders on Krrb, as well as which plants are best suited for each container (don’t get overwhelmed by their fancy names). Find out how to care for your air plants here and here, and then pick your favorite vessel! Everyone deserves some freshness indoors, no matter how deep you are into the concrete jungle.


Teardrop Air Plant Terrarium
glass airplantI had to start with this one since it looks so much like my own little guy. The opening on top means this terrarium can be hung or displayed on a table, which gives you a ton of room for customization depending on your space. Glass terrariums mean you’re seeing the whole plant, including the base, so making sure it’s as visually appealing as these white rocks is important.

Perfect For: This planter needs a short plant that can fill the space without overwhelming it, so T. ionatha scaposa is your best bet. Sometimes they can even develop pink ends – a nice bonus pop of color!


Greek Key Planter
Greek key

For those who love industrial style and lack a green thumb. This Greek Key planter looks fresh and modern, and is actually made from an antique gate. Upcycling at it’s finest.

Perfect For: The intenseness of this planter means that it needs a more delicate looking plant to balance it out. T. fushii have wispy looking leaves, but hold up really well. Plus, a less-bulky plant means you’re able to see more of the planter’s design.


Driftwood and Macrame Plant Hanger
70’s vibes with a modern twist. Even the most sparse air plant would look complete in this planter, since the braided white rope and driftwood bar add points of interest.

Perfect For: To really stand out against the white, I like the T. Erich Knobloch. It’s a great rich reddish hue, and would look awesome with its leaves curling around the rope. Likewise, the T. Curly Slim would add fun green loops throughout the holder, since it can grow to be pretty tall. Side note, who names these plants?


Wooden Geometric Planters
I’m obsessed with these wooden planters. I would name them like children. For whoever the lucky adoptive parent of this set is, please know that they deserve a place of honor in your apartment, and I’m jealous of you.

Perfect For: I’m liking the wispiness of the T. neglecta. The planters are so edgy that they’d look nice with a looser-structured plant. They could also be really striking with the simplicity of the T. intermedia, especially when displayed as a group. Or, as suggested above, plant a variety!


Geometric Hanging Planter
This hanging planter can hold a wide variety of air plant species and containers. I like how this picture has a simple and trimmed plant, but it would also look cool with long stems hanging down. Make sure you have enough room surrounding the holder, so that you’re not bumping into it while going about your day.

Perfect For: While I like the trimmed look of the above photo, I’m all for going bold. For a dramatic touch, try T. xerographica with it’s winding, silvery leaves. Dark leaves + light wood = great balance.


Customizable Terrarium Window
windowYour apartment might not have the best views, but this planter ensures nothing but pretty greenery in your sight line.

Perfect For: This planter needs to be able to take center stage. T. tenufolia ‘Silver Comb’  looks like a delicate branch, which would look very pretty just resting inside of its container. Multiply that by 6, and you’ve got a pretty peaceful looking “window” display.


Porcelain and Leather Hanging Container
3 drop
This set of 3 individual planters looks like modern art for your walls. As long as there is a solid source for indirect lighting available, your plants should thrive beautifully hanging this way.

Perfect For: The T. Showtime has nice and thick branches, which wouldn’t get lost in these big planters. I also like how twisty their growth is, so that it pops against the round and solid white base. Once all the ends cascade over the edges, it should create a cool waterfall-like aesthetic.

Hope you now feel confident to start your own little indoor garden! Have a favorite planter we missed out on? Let us know in the comments!


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