Adventures in Glassware — Sipping Mulled Wine From a Vintage Thermos


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Last time I wrote about the Manhattan, a cocktail to help endure cold weather. Well, it seems that mother nature read my blog and decided to up her game by dropping temperatures and dumping a whole bunch of snow onto the North East, forcing many of us here in Manhattan to miss work for a day—OH THE HUMANITY!

And while I tip my cap to Mother Nature I must also say that, yes, I have her beat. You see, I am always one move ahead, fair maiden Mother Earth. While you play checkers I play chess. While you are content to rest upon your laurels with a mere DUSTING of snow, I prepare the next Adventures in Glassware beverage and totally own you.

Behold! Mulled wine.

Now, if you’re anything like me (super handsome, smart, medium endowed, etc.) you might assume that whatever mulled wine might be, it’s not something I’d indulge in. Too fancy, too affected, too much work. But all of that is untrue: preparing and serving mulled wine is an easy and delicious way to soothe the soul of any human.

verb | \ˈməl\
transitive verb
: to heat, sweeten, and flavor (as wine or cider) with spices


Here’s what you do. Buy a 750 ml bottle of red wine (certainly doesn’t have to be expensive), one cup of sugar, three cinnamon sticks, three cloves, and a lemon and an orange for their zest, which you only need a few pieces of from each. Take these ingredients, dump them in a big old saucepan, and gently heat until it’s hot to the touch—ouch!—about thirty minutes time. You never want to boil the elixir, as boiling will rid the beverage of alcohol, something we certainly do not want to do. When it’s ready, remove all of the non-liquids and serve.

But what shall you serve them in?

Personally, I like my mulled wine served in mugs, baby. Though you know what’s even sexier? Pouring some mulled wine into this thermos and walking to a park to drink it with a boy or girl you have a crush on. That’s the way I (try) to roll. Check out the flowers on this thing!

So what are you waiting for? Stop mulling things over and just get mulling!


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