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A little bit about ourselves

Why have a blog at all, you might ask?

Well, if was created for the love of garage sales, flea markets, street fairs and any place someone can rummage, dream and discover local treasures, then this blog is the spot where we get to celebrate the world wide web of collectors, scavengers, hunters and gatherers that make up our collective universe.

We love the idea of reduce/reuse/recycle, but we want to do it on our own terms. So we’re excited to share with you various corners that are especially worth checking out, guides to cool neighborhoods we live in (or would love to visit), portraits of interesting people who are creating, collecting and krrbing the secondhand and one-of-a-kind pieces we all love so much…

What we’re really doing here, at the end of the day, is starting a conversation about what we all see happening in this brave new world where actual meaningful human contact is beginning to trump anonymous online acquisition. Because we’re all in this together, and that’s what makes it so much fun!

In the house

  • George Eid

    Founder and CEO

    George is Lebanese blood-wise, but his parents hail from Jordan. He was born in Detroit but grew up in Chicago with a year in Kentucky somewhere in between. He spent some good years in Peoria before he moved to Williamsburg Brooklyn some 13 odd years ago. Five or so years back he moved to Paris where he lives with his wife and child… but comes back to Brooklyn every several weeks. You can say he’s a jetsetting Lebanese-Jordanian-American bedouin midwesterner hick hipster who speaks French with an American accent and Arabic with a Chinese twang.

    George is cofounder of AREA 17, the interactive agency that created Krrb. His agency specializes in minimalism yet he is a closet hoarder. This tension is what leads him to sporadically and irrationally get rid of everything in a hopeless attempt to be minimalistic. You can benefit from his psychosis by visiting his Krrb corner.

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  • Vanessa Londono

    Vanessa Londono


    This New Yorker returned to her city roots after a long stint in the Lone Star state. No matter where she’s visiting, you’ll find her exploring the local vintage shops, pubs and eateries. Aside from writing for the blog, she’s responsible for the videos highlighting Krrb’s DIY experts. A flurry of energy in the kitchen, you’ll find this amateur baker hosting supper clubs, cooking contests and themed parties. Out of the kitchen, she’s usually taking a skillshare class of some sort or participating in an Improv Everywhere scene.

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  • Chrissy Giglio

    Chrissy Giglio


    Born and raised in the suburbs outside of New York City, Chrissy has spent her whole life exploring everything the area has to offer. With equally easy access to the bustling NYC and the nature-friendly living of Long Island, she can be a fast-paced young gal in the highest of heels one night and a laid-back beach dweller by the next morning. When she isn’t busy working on Krrb projects you can find her shacked up at home binging on TV, weekending in cute New England towns, taking pictures of her favorite muse (her cat Pearl of course!), out on the hunt for the perfect addition to her wardrobe, surprising people with her love of hockey or planted somewhere peaceful reading her latest book of choice!

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  • Mateo Londono

    Mateo Londono


    You’ll probably catch Mateo, a raw foodie by choice, sharing recipes or talking food prep. Besides watching the Food and DIY channel religiously, Mateo enjoys all things design, from clothing construction to organization. Having lived previously in Texas, Colorado and New York, he now resides in South Florida where he’s on a first-name basis at the local farmer’s markets. When Mateo is not eating (and that’s rare!) he makes clothes and furniture and surveys the local art scene.

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  • Lauren Hannel

    Lauren Hannel


    A Buffalo native now in Brooklyn, Lauren is an equally dedicated traveler and Netflix addict. When she’s not working as Krrb’s social media coordinator, Lauren enjoys all of the hobbies of an active old woman: knitting, reading, cooking, and treating her cats like babies. With a background in writing and art, she loves hunting for vintage books (with a staggering lifelong Nancy Drew collection to prove it) and statement jewelry. If it can be cooked, crafted, or styled, Lauren is probably enjoying reading about it, or testing it out herself. She is excited to roam around Brooklyn and find more local spots to explore.

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  • Claire Staszak

    Claire Staszak

    Contributing Editor

    Claire has a hard time sitting down, so you’ll usually find her running around flea markets, meeting with interior design clients, or adjusting a knick-knack just so for a perfectly styled photo. When she’s not designing or blogging about interior design and DIY projects, Claire loves to spread the joy that yoga brings to her life with others, and teaches yoga classes all around the city of Chicago. To see more of Claire’s design, styling and yoga-related articles check out her personal blog:

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