A Shout Out – International Women’s Day 2011


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Alice Waters, Majora Carter and Sarah Cihat

Left to right: Alice Waters, Majora Carter and Sarah Cihat.

Today is the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, and while it may not be a national holiday here in the US, we just wanted to raise a virtual glass to three women who are helping to make the world a better place So here’s to Alice Waters, who through her cookbooks and Berekley, CA restaurant, Chez Panisse, has schooled the western world in the concept of slow food and reminded us that eating locally grown fresh produce is the most delicious way to go. And to Majora Carter, who brought green roofs to the buildings of New York’s South Bronx and continues to work tirelessly to advance the cause of sustainable living. And also to Sarah Cihat, a Brooklyn artist who rehabilitates old ceramic dishes by re-glazing them with her own designs– saving them from the landfill with style.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg– there are so many women all over the world doing incredible things… We’d like to hear about the women who inspire you, so leave us a comment below!

photograph of Cihat by Marianne Rafter

  • UI

    Belatedly, I think of the 11 women journalists featured in the World Journalism section of the February 28 issue of Newsweek. Two of them have lost their lives. A third has lost parts of two limbs. All seem to have shown more courage than any single individual is entitled to:
    Atwar Bahjat (Iraq) Tsering Woeser (China/Tibet) Chouchou Namegabe (Congo) Anna Politkovskaya (Russia) Jill Carroll (Iraq) May Chidiac (Lebanon) Galima Bukharbaeva (Uzbekistan) Jila Baniyaghoob (Iran) Farida Nekzad (Afghanistan) Claudia Julieta Duque (Colombia) Lara Logan

  • Debschwartz1

    Nawal El Saadawi, Egyptian human rights activist. Listen to her here re the Jan 25. uprising.

  • Dnilson

    It is so true that International Women’s Day is nonexistent in the United States. But, I want to salute my daughter Kelsey Wise who stood outside in the snow at her college in upstate New York yesterday, handing out a flower to each woman who passed (courtesy of the college’s women’s center) spreading the word that it was a special day to celebrate the achievements of women through out the world.

  • Soraya Chemaly

    Annie Lennox, for starting We Are Equals, a coalition of organizations dedicated to generating intelligent conversation about gender bias and equity – conversations people often think are no longer necessary or would just rather ignore. Happy IWD!

  • Jsmith

    So many women. So many choices. Here’s a few to ponder:
    –Golda Meir who demonstrated women could head governments.
    –Joan Baez who lets freedom ring.
    –Hillary Clinton who manages to rise to the occasion and define public service.

    So many more..so many…