A Krrb Holiday Gift Guide – For The World Traveler


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Ah those were the days, when air travel was civilized, food was prepared by actual chefs, the flight attendants were polite... We can't get back to those days, but we can at least suggest a few gifts that will help make travel more fun!

Now sure, we’re all about keeping it local and everything, but we’re also all about checking out other people’s local scenes. And to do that, you’ve got to travel—hopefully with a friend or two who likes to skip town on occasion as well. Wanderers celebrate the holidays too, and as such, deserve fabulous presents that help them in their wanderings.

Where does one find such gifts, you might ask? Why on Krrb, where the giving is easy, local and personal, of course. In this, the final of our holiday gift guide series, we’re going to inspire you to go secondhand (or handmade) for the holidays by serving up some great ideas for the person who loves to boldly go where no man has gone before… all inspired by offerings on Krrb.

Pack It Up

painted suitcase

Nothing like a little decoration to help you find your luggage at baggage check.

Some people can travel with just their toothbrush (and their iPhone…) but most folks need to take a bit more stuff along for the ride—which means they need luggage. Help make packing more fun with a one-of-a-kind bag to cram everything into. Why carry a suitcase when you can carry art?

Check this one out on De La Luna Designs’ Krrb corner in San Francisco.

Capturing The Moment

Nikon digital camera

Keep a visual record of every last second of your trip with a camera.

If there are no photos, there may as well have been no trip. And while sure, our smartphones are taking pretty decent shots these days, nothing compares to a real deal digital SLR, especially when it comes to video. Do your friends a favor and hook them up with a nice one. It’ll be much more enjoyable to look at the pictures when they come home and insist on showing you every last one.

Check this out on Charlie’s Krrb corner in Simi Valley, California.

Haute Couture For Their Tablet


A black tie carrying case for the iPad. Finally!

At long last, formal wear for the iPad on-the-go. What took you people so long? This is a no brainer for the stylish ladies in your life who have been shoving their iPads into those plain old sleeves that Apple makes and grumbling about it.

Check this out on Compassion Couture’s Krrb corner in Brooklyn.

Charting Their Course


This map of the northern sky is an homage to the vintage charts of the 1930

Why not shoot for the stars when it comes to travel? And if they really want to go up there (space travel for us regular folks is just a few million dollars away) a map of the stars is an absolute necessity. God forbid you get lost out there—not too many gas stations to pull into for directions.

Check this out on municipleprints’ Krrb corner in Brooklyn.

A Rocking Ride


This car needs a little work, but man oh man would your vintage car loving friend be happy driving around in this baby.

It doesn’t get any cooler than this 1963 Ford Falcon Futura. Yes, this is the road trip equivalent of a giving them a full drum kit or a puppy, but for the right person, who likes tinkering with classic cars, this is quite simply the


Check it out on adampoor’s Krrb corner in Germantown, New York.

A Pint-Sized Spa


A selection of luxurious body products makes even a trip to the in-laws feel like a spa vacation.

Help them take their organic body care on the road with a mini spa travel kit. Hotel soaps are convenient and all, but the generic combo shampoo and conditioner can’t hold a torch to a little sweet coffee body polish.

Check this out on raganella’s Krrb corner in Brooklyn.

Happy Trails

There are new things being posted to Krrb all the time… if you see any great gift ideas for the road trippers in our lives, make sure to let us know in the comments. Because the less gift hunting we have to do, the more time we have to actually pack up and take a little road trip with our favorite folks.

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